Various Real Prizes from Claw Machine App

Claw machine was invented dozens of years ago. But it still gets so many loyal players from around the world. Now you don’t have to go to any supermarket to play the crane game and win your favorite toys. Simply get the Japan claw machine app, play it anywhere you are, and win the prizes you want.

The Japan Claw Machine game comes in two versions, for the iOS device and for Android device. The app itself has Japanese and English so not only the Japanese players would understand what to do in this game, but also the other players from the other countries can enjoy this game.

Fantastic Japan Claw Machine Game and Its Prizes

The Japan Claw Machine game is going to give you the real prizes that are shipped from Japan to more than 60 different countries, including Canada. What prizes will you get by playing this online crane game at home? These are only some exclusive prizes offered by Japan Claw Machine for the players.

1. One Piece

For those who follow the journey of Luffy, the Japan Claw Machine should be installed on their phone. This game will give you various awesome One Piece prizes such as a Nico Robin figurine in Wano Kuni style and Sanji figurine to complete your One Piece collection.

Those figurines are not enough, you can still collect some other collectible figures like the Roronoa Zoro figurine, Nami figurine, Edward Newgate figurine, and many more One Piece prizes. Those are limited edition prizes you can win by playing the online crane game at home.

2. Dragon Ball

For the fans of Goku and his adventure in defending the earth from the villains, the Japan claw machine app has so many Dragon Ball prizes. There is a Goku Black figurine when he is in Super Saiyan Rose mode. There is also an Android No. 18 figurine you can get to complete the villain collection.

You can also have a Gohan figurine when he is in the Super Saiyan mode. Some other prizes like the collectible figures from the Dragon Ball Super World volume 2 can also be collected by playing the Japan Claw Machine. You can also get elite Dragon Ball playing cards for free by playing the JCM game.

3. Demon Slayer

For the ones who hate the Demon King and want to join the Demon Slayer Corps, Japan Claw Machine has various Demon Slayer figurines that will make your room look like a basecamp of all Demon Slayers. By playing this game you can win a Zenitsu Agatsuma big sized plush toy.

You can also get so many figurines such as the Nezuko Kamado figurine, Kyojuro Rengoku figurine, Kanae Kocho figurine, Zenitsu Agatsuma figurine, and many more. Play for only USD 1 per play and try to get all the Demon Slayer figurines.

The Japan claw machine app also has many other prizes for the players, such as Disney prizes, Pokemon prizes, and anime prizes. All those prizes are limited edition original prizes from Japan. Play the game, win the real prizes, and wait for the JCM to ship the prizes to your home in Canada.







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