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Time to Catch the Aliens in the Claw Machine Toy Story

If you like playing claw machines and love Toy Story characters, you must try playing the claw machine Toy Story. When you play this arcade game, you can win collectible items in the form of the Aliens of Toy Story. 

Catching Aliens in the Claw Machine Toy Story

This particular claw machine has a similar design as the one spotted in the movie. The Toy Story fan will surely remember the spaceship claw machine at the Pizza Planet restaurant. 

You cannot only find it in the movie, but you can also find it in certain Disneyland parks. 

This crane machine is full of green Aliens in blue suits. They think that the Claw will bring them to a better place.

In the movie, one of these Aliens was clawed by Sid Phillips who at the same time tried to get Woody and Buzz out of the spaceship claw machine.

Playing this claw machine at the Pizza Planet Disney Land arcade is fun and enjoyable. It offers chances for you to win the Aliens prizes. 

Since this arcade game is in a theme park owned by Disney, the prizes are original Disney merchandise whose quality is not to be doubted.

Toy Story Claw Machine Toy

For those who live far from Disneyland, they can enjoy the toy of the claw machine Toy Story at home. This claw machine toy is the miniature of the Toy Story claw machine in the Disneyland arcade. 

This toy is in the form of a spaceship with red colored ends and see-through glass in the middle.

The package of this toy doesn’t only consist of the claw machine toy, but it also has 10 miniatures of the Aliens as the prizes. 

This toy is perfect for kids age 3 and above. Having this toy will allow you and your kids to have fun playing the Toy Story claw machine toy.

Disney Crane Machine App

Disney Claw Machine

If you think that the toy is too boring for you, you can opt to download and play a Disney claw machine app.

This particular app is an incredible mobile game that offers you real prizes and some advantages.

  • Various Choices of Original Disney Merchandise

Playing the Toy Story claw machine in the arcade or playing the toy will only give you the Aliens merchandise.

However, if you play the claw machine Disney app, you will be able to choose more choices of Disney merchandise, such as Woody, Buzz, and Sid Phillips.

The app developer will send the merchandise to your location once you win the game. Therefore, you will be able to have more Disney characters to collect.

  • Can be Played Anywhere

Having the Disney crane machine app is very convenient for the claw machine and Disney enthusiasts.

The gaming app can be played anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone with you. 

  • Challenging but Fun

The claw machine app with Disney merchandise has several challenging claw machines to play.

All of them are fun to play so that you will not be bored playing the claw machines in the app.

The Toy Story claw machine toy, app, and that in the arcade are interesting to play.

However, if you want to play the machine anywhere and win more Disney collectibles, you had better choose the app. 






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