Indonesia smart cities

The Start of Indonesia Smart Cities

The progress of the times seems to be in line with technological advances. Therefore, every country needs to participate in this, especially to build smart cities, including Indonesia. Indonesia smart cities will be a very good plan to advance the country as well as possible.

It should be noted that efforts to build smart cities in Indonesia must cover several important aspects. For example, digital health service, marketplace services, builder enhancements and so on. All of these things need to be well collaborated so that they can create a real smart city.


Smart Economy to Build Indonesia Smart Cities 2045

To realize a smart city in Indonesia, of course, it can be realized by starting to build a smart economy. The objective side of the smart economy can be started from building smart city branding, e-commerce services or marketplaces to support startup.

These aspects can be collaborated as well as possible so as to be able to provide the best implementation in order to realize a real smart city. For example, collaborating between e-commerce with local products so that they can make these products more well known.

In addition, the smart economy can also be realized through the development of products for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) and other creative art centers. Another thing that is no less important is supporting startups by partnering with them so that they can continue to exist and advance the economy.


The Best Smart Living for Indonesia Smart Cities Development

Indonesia’s aspiration to create smart cities can be realized by building the best smart living. The development is expected to be evenly distributed to all cities in Indonesia so as to provide convenience building smart cities.

The objective side of building a smart living can be started in various ways. For example, opening access to education, health services and improving security as well as possible. In order to realize this, of course, it is necessary to collaborate with good infrastructure.

Do not forget to also relate all these aspects to the digital world which is a symbol of today’s technological progress. For example, creating an online health service system, providing convenience for all these aspects in digital form and so on.


Smart Environment for Best Indonesia Smart Cities 

Smart environment is also an element that supports the realization of 100 smart cities in Indonesia. The objective side of the smart environment starts from doing good management of IT based environment and development of renewable energy sources.

With a sophisticated IT base, everything can be integrated properly. For example, in terms of security, a security system will be created with automatic light sensors, smart parking, temperature quality sensors and so on. Besides, the development of a smart environment can also be maximized through other things.

For example, implementing a city security and safety digitization system such as the application of online tickets, fire, natural disasters, floods and other emergency detections. Then the smart environment also supports monitoring energy consumption, waste management and providing traffic information in real time.

In order to realize Indonesia smart Cities in 2045, of course, various important elements are needed. Starting from the smart economy, smart living and smart environment. It is not only the responsibility of the government, but all Indonesian people are expected to be invited to work together to make it happen.






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