Independent Asia Management Consulting Establishment

Reasons and Ideas of Independent Asia Management Consulting Establishment

Management consultant is highly needed in Asia. There was a survey done in Singapore which involved 165 professionals in HR. Fifty percent of those professionals believe that the weakness of HR is at analytics use. And sixty percent of the 165 participants believe that succession planning is another weakness and another reason Asia management consulting is necessary.

There were few reasons underlying those survey participants’ perceptions. But the biggest reason is a view around the system of management that’s not capable to motivate employees. Forty percent of managers in Hong Kong have the same perceptions based on similar reason as thirty six percent managers surveyed in Singapore.

Representing other managers in Asia, over seventy percent of managers in Singapore and Hong Kong admitted their lack of ability in providing meaningful feedback which became the main cause of management that’s ineffective. Besides, more than thirty five percent of them said employees are not clear about the expectation of their manager.

Management Consulting for Better Management System in Asia

Management consulting was designed to help organization improving their operating and performance through analysis of the existing problems which are organizational. Asia management consulting is also designed to support plans development of an organization that will lead to improvement. Management consulting services would help organizations by giving objective and external advices.

Some management consulting will also offer specialized expertise services. Some other services the consulting may give are including assistance for change management, coaching skills development, technology implementation, process analysis, operational improvement, and strategy development. Many management consulting will use their frameworks or methodologies in guiding problems identification.

Those who believe they’re expert in being a consultant also believe that being independent consultant is much better than joining any management consulting firm. It does sound great but let us see some pros along with cons of being independent consultant.

1. Pro – Control and flexibility
Independent management consulting will get control and flexibility over their project choices, activities, and schedules.
2. Pro – Chance to cooperate with great teams and leaders
Independent consultant will get opportunity to learn from while working with diverse teams and leaders. Then they will get larger personal and professional network.
3. Con – Limited access
The way managers see independent management consulting is as an outsourced expertise. Independent consulting will get access for relevant system and is allowed to request for an access when needed.
4. Con – Working Seasonally
When the business is just established and the client or business flow is not steady yet, working seasonally doesn’t sound good. When the busy times come and so many organizations asking for help at same time, this season can be truly stressful.

Though Asia management consulting is extremely needed, think twice before you establish your own management consulting,





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