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3 Awesome Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

Google Play Store and App Store are offering many games to download and play. But among those options, there is real prize claw machine app Canada.

This is an arcade game, inspired by the real crane game or claw machine game you can find in the amusement parks.

Claw-machine-app-1And just like the ones from the amusement parks, the online version of the claw machine game will also give you the prize if you can win the game.

In the parks, you can find crane games with plush, toys, and even snacks inside. The same prizes are provided by the claw machine games.

Various Prizes You Can Win from Claw Machine Game

When you are looking for an online claw machine game to download and play on your smartphone, make sure you read the descriptions first.

A quality claw machine game will allow you to get the real prizes that will be delivered to your home. What prizes can you possibly get from those claw machine games?

Each app may offer different prizes for the winner. But the most important thing is they must ship the prize you win to your residence.

Check out what the previous players said about this game. If they have received the prize, you can start downloading the app and try winning the prizes.


Below are some real prize claw machine app Canada provided by the game developers:

  • Soft toys

Most classic claw machines in the amusement parks offer soft toys as the prize. If you have a daughter or you want to give something cute to your beautiful girlfriend, play this online claw machine game and try to win the soft toys as the real prize.

Different game developers may have different policies to ship the prize you win.

The Japan Claw Machine for example, will ship the soft toys you win by using the service provided by DHL or EMS. This game developer has delivered the prizes to 60 countries.

  • Food

Just like some original crane games around the world, some online claw machine apps also offer foods and snacks as the prizes.

The foods can be cup noodles from a specific country, like japan. And there are many kinds of snacks you can get by playing the online crane games.
The foods you win can also be delivered to your country.

But if you are worried about the expired date or the food quality, you can consider choosing the other prizes.

  • Miniature toys

If you want something exclusive, playing the online claw machine is the best thing you can do.

There are exclusive prizes such as bonsai miniature, vending machine miniature, and many other miniature toys you can win.

Purchasing those toys will cost you dozens to hundreds of dollars. But you can win the exclusive real prize claw machine app Canada for free by using the premium tickets.

Or you can spend a little money if you are running out of the tickets. The cost you spend to play won’t be as pricey as the toy’s price.







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