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5 Profitable Business Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

The UAE is undoubtedly among the world’s best places to do business.

In fact, the seven emirates are considered as leading destinations for investors as well as SMEs who want to set up a business.

For years, Dubai and Sharjah are the UAE’s business hubs.

Now, market research Abu Dhabi shown that Abu Dhabi also present lots of business opportunities.

Why Abu Dhabi?

There are various reasons why Abu Dhabi makes a great option as a place to start a business.

The followings are some of the reasons, according to consulting firm in Abu Dhabi.

  • Compared to other cities, Abu Dhabi has a higher GDP per capita
  • Abu Dhabi is not just a modern city but also cosmopolitan one as well, connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • A robust and booming economy
  • Abu Dhabi is among the world’s safest places with a low crime rate
  • Abu Dhabi inhabitants’ lifestyle, with the emphasis on for ease of life and luxury
  • The easy and hassle-free business setup procedure
  • Welcoming and pro-business environment by the government
  • Access to leading financial institutions and domestic banks

5 Profitable Business Opportunities in Abu Dhabi 2020

#1: Restaurant or Cafe

The first business opportunity is a restaurant or café. As Abu Dhabi has a high GDP per capita, its inhabitants have good purchasing power and significant disposable income.

These allow them to dine out frequently and eat at their favorite places.

A small restaurant and café serving a specific or mixture of various cuisines make a good business investment.

#2: Property Management

The Emirati are wealthy people and Abu Dhabi is the most prosperous city in the world.

Not surprisingly, many Emirati own multiple properties in Abu Dhabi. As they have so many properties, many Emiratis are unable to manage their properties alone.

This provides a lucrative business opportunity for property management and helps these Emiratis manage their properties.

#3: Travel Agency

It is a fact that Abu Dhabi is an excellent destination for travel and the emirate welcomes lots of tourists annually.

While the travel industry is advanced already, there are plenty of niches providing lucrative business opportunities.

For example, exciting offers like luxury travel with discounts, exotic resort deals, and overseas tours for Abu Dhabi residents, among others.

#4: Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is also a good business opportunity in Abu Dhabi. As there are thousands of businesses across the Emirates, there is a need for skilled workers.

The problem is, the business scenario in the UAE prohibits these businesses to do their own widespread recruitment procedure.

This is where recruitment agencies can help them in recruiting skilled workers.

#5: Cleaning Services

In Abu Dhabi, houses are well maintained and clean.

As there is the need to keep things clean and high standards, there is a constant demand for cleaning services not just for houses but also for commercial and corporate areas.

With such high demand, cleaning services can prove to have a good return on investment.


The UAE is among the world’s leading destinations for investors and SMEs who want to set up a business.

Previously dominated by Dubai and Sharjah, now Abu Dhabi is joining the ranks as the UAE’s business hub.

Market research Abu Dhabi shows that the emirate offers business opportunities for restaurant/café, property management, travel agency, recruitment agency, and cleaning services, among others.






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