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Play Online One Piece Claw Machine Singapore and Get Exclusive One Piece Figurines

Watching the One Piece anime series is entertaining due to its amusing characters and stories. However, playing One Piece Claw Machine Singapore and collecting One Piece merchandise is more fun. This claw machine is special and different from the arcade claw machines.

Therefore, it allows One Piece fans to enjoy a unique gaming experience. In addition, it also provides limited-edition One Piece figurines. As a result, fans can enjoy a terrific game and add unique items to their collection.

One Piece Claw Machine Singapore: What is it?

One Piece Claw Crane Machine Singapore is an online claw machine game. This claw machine has challenging and unique gameplay. However, One Piece fans will not have difficulties operating it. In addition, they will also have a large chance to win a One Piece prize per game.

Despite being an online game, this claw machine can provide a real claw machine gaming experience. The game creator provides an excellent game graphic. Therefore, One Piece fans will feel like they are watching and playing a real claw machine on their mobile phone. 

One Piece Claw Machine Singapore is available for download in App Store and Google Play. Over 31 million people have downloaded it. Moreover, many of them are still playing this online claw machine and trying to win more prizes.

How to Play One Piece Claw Crane Machine

Before fans can collect One Piece merchandise from this online claw machine, they must download the One Piece Claw Machine app. After that, they can follow the steps below.

  • Select a One Piece prize.
  • Play the claw machine and try to win the prize.
  • For those who win, fill in the shipping form. Make sure that the information put into this form is correct. Therefore, the online One Piece Claw Crane game staff can send it to your address.

Note: One Piece fans must purchase game tickets to play this online claw machine. The price of the ticket is only $1. However, they don’t need to pay for the shipping cost when shipping their prizes to their addresses.

Prize Choices

There are ten prize options in this online claw machine. All of them are limited edition merchandise of One Piece characters. Some of them are in the form of figurines. Meanwhile, others are stampedes and Q posket. 

The actual price of these items ranges from $25 to $125. However, fans can win a One Piece prize for only $1 if they are lucky.

One Piece fans must try playing the One Piece Claw Machine game. This online game allows them to have more fun collecting One Piece merchandise. It also presents a chance to win an expensive One Piece merchandise for only $1.







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