Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes

Interested in trying some snacks or foods from Japan? Then you may want to consider playing Japan claw machine app. This app allows you to play games and win unique things at once. Players of this claw machine game can get various types of prizes for free or at least by spending a dollar.

Claw machine japan

The online claw machine game is from Japan. So, everything you win will be shipped directly from Japan. What kind of prizes can you get from playing this online claw machine game? below are some examples of unique prizes you can get by winning this online game.

Win Japanese Ramen by Playing Games

The most famous Japanese noodle you need to try is ramen. You don’t have to leave your house to buy ramen in the shopping mall. And if you want to taste the original Japanese ramen, there is no need to fly to Japan. Just play this amazing claw machine app on your smartphone.

Before playing, choose Nissin Raoh cup noodles as your prize. These cup noodles come in two variants: hot chili and soy sauce. Choose one and win it. After winning one variant of the cup noodles, play again and win another taste of ramen. This way, you can get the ramen noodles for free.

Play Japan Claw Machine App to Win Snacks

Another prize you can choose to win before playing the online claw machine app is the unique snack called Calpas. This snack is a semi-dry sausage snack that looks like salami. Calpas can be made of various ground types of meats like beef, pork, or chicken. The price of Calpas varies from low to high.

If you want to try this unique snack from Japan, you need to download the online claw machine game and start playing. New players will get premium tickets they can use to play the game for free. If you can win the game with those premium tickets, you can win Calpas for free.

Taste Unique Stick Snack by Playing Games

Japan also has another unique stick snack called Umaibou. This snack comes in various flavors, including salad, cheese, Takoyaki, and mentaiko flavors. If you prefer something sweeter, choose Umaibou with chocolate, caramel, or cocoa flavors.

Then start playing the claw machine app and win the game. Thirty pieces of Umaibou will be shipped to your home if you can win the game.

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