How Abu Dhabi Consumer Protection Helps Sales Growth

The United Arab Emirates reaches the highest vaccination rate. It leads citizens to reactivate their economy. Recently, the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi has initiated a campaign to boost sales growth and provide Abu Dhabi consumer protection to monitor transactions. 

Their effort to recover economic growth includes tourism, retail, aviation, property, food and beverages sector. Pandemic definitely affected those sectors. Fortunately, governments started to improve the staples growth in those sectors by providing promotion through a summer campaign.

Launching A Summer Campaign

When all citizens get vaccinated, both sellers and buyers can continue their economic activities as normal. People feel excited to visit shopping malls again. Basically retails, food and beverages sectors experienced severe damage during the pandemic.

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi holds a summer campaign to increase yearly sales growth up to 56%. This campaign emphasizes credit card usage in around 4000 stores. Most citizens certainly will take this chance to enjoy exclusive promotions. 

There are approximately 30 restaurants that offer exclusive promotions to increase sales. It proves that the summer campaign effectively attracts customers to visit more physical stores. The promotion absolutely boosts the growth in sales of some stores in this country.

The Importance of Abu Dhabi Consumer Protection

Principally, the summer campaign triggers citizens to use credit cards by providing discounts in several stores. The promotions are valid as long as the transaction is via credit card. The government needs to collaborate with credit card providers to succeed in this program.

In this case, the Ministry of Economy asked the Consumer Protection Department to monitor the transactions that emerge from this program. It is important to smooth the consumer experience. In the end, the consumer will increase their spending.

It means that the summer campaign is an effective program to increase sales growth in some sectors. Both credit card providers and the government give incentives toward consumers who reach a minimum amount of payouts.  

However, the incentives vary such as airline miles prize giveaways, dining discounts in certain restaurants, and so on. The more citizens will become attracted to use credit card transactions in some outlets joining programs. 

 Consumer Behavior

During Covid19 pandemic, most citizens in Abu Dhabi only purchased necessary products to survive their everyday life. Once the vaccination has spread throughout countries, the citizens get a stronger immune system so they start to visit shopping malls and other physical stores freely. 

The vaccine effectively increases citizens’ confidence levels to shop directly at malls or other stores. On the other hand, the e-commerce sector in Abu Dhabi increased up to 8% in 2020. It makes sense since Abu Dhabi consumer behavior tend to shop online. 

As the economic recovery begins to improve significantly, other sectors such as tourism, property and residential sectors also start to arise. In 2021, the residential consumption has increased up to 215% and the value transaction has reached 357% growth. 

To increase sales growth in several sectors, Abu Dhabi launches a brilliant campaign that attracts consumers to shop more using credit cards. Abu Dhabi consumer protection will keep consumers happy with the advantages of the campaign and ensure the transaction growth in this program. 






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