Game Online with Real Prizes: A Perfect Game for Toy Collectors

The number of online game apps keeps growing year by year. Some game apps are entertaining, but they stop at that. However, one game app offers more than entertainment and its app users can’t stop playing them. What they love is the game online with real prizes.

When one hears about game apps with real prizes, he generally will think about prize money and gambling. However, this game is not like that. It is an online claw machine that offers various prizes, such as toys and merchandise.

What is the Name of the Game Online with Real Prizes?


The name of the game app with real prizes is Claw Plus & Claw Topia. It is an online yet real claw machine app. People consider this game a real online claw machine because it has real prizes. The game also brings the real experience of playing an arcade claw machine to gamers’ mobile phones.

This app is originally from Japan. However, it is now available in more than 60 countries in the world. The app works with international shipping companies so winners can ship their prizes easily to their addresses.

In addition, the app comes in two language options, i.e., English and Japanese. Therefore, gamers outside Japan will have no difficulties understanding the game instruction.

Who is Game Online with Real Prizes App for?

Everyone may play this app, but certain gamers will enjoy it more. This online game is ideal for gamers who love collecting merchandise of anime, Pokémon, and Disney/Pixar characters.

The anime prizes from this game are Dragon Ball merchandise, One Piece merchandise, and Kimetsu No Yaiba merchandise. All the prizes from this game are limited edition and licensed items that are not available in stores. Therefore, toy collectors value them highly.

Why Gamers Must Try Playing this Game

This online game has excellent features. It is why gamers must not miss playing this game. One of its best features is its wide selection of prizes. Most of them are expensive merchandise that gamers can get at only $1 if they are lucky. 

Another great thing about this game is that it is easy to play. Gamers must choose the prize and then control the claw machine to win it when they play this online game. Moreover, this game app also offers several types of claw machines to keep gamers entertained.

This game online with real prizes is an excellent app. The claw machines in this app are entertaining to play. Moreover, its valuable prizes make an excellent toy collection. Download Claw Plus & Claw Topia now and win those valuable prizes.






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