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Claw Machine Game Online to Win Quintessential Toys

Japanese anime comes in so many genres. One unique Japanese anime you need to watch is The Quintessential Quintuplets. This anime is about five identical quintuplet sisters from a wealthy Nakano family. Interested in getting the plush toys of the quintuplet? Play the claw machine game online.

This online crane game allows you to get the plush toys of all quintuplet sisters. You need to keep playing until you get the plush toys you want. However, before playing the online crane game, you need to know what plush toys are provided by the game developer.

Ichika Plush Toy from The Crane Game

One cute plush toy you will get from playing the online claw machine game is the Ichika plush toy. This plush toy is inspired by Ichika Nakano, the first of the five quintuplet sisters. Ichika’s hair’s real color is actually pearl pink.

But since her appearance in the anime has light pink hair, the plush toy of Ichika Nakano also has light pink hair. Ichika’s very short hair makes her long different from the other quintuplet sisters. Win the 16cm Ichika plush toy by playing the online claw machine game.

Play Claw Machine Game Online And Win Miku

Miku Nakano is the third of the five quintuplet sisters. Her original hair is also pearl pink but she changes it to red. Miku is smarter than her four sisters. Her strongest subject is Social Studies. If you are interested in collecting all plush toys, make sure that you win the 16cm Miku plush toy as well.

Miku plush toy has the similar look to the Ichika plush toy. The size of both plush toys is 16cm and they have the same blue eyes. Only the hair and lip color of both plush toys are different. Miku plush toy has longer hair than Ichika plush toy.

Win Itsuki Plush Toy from Online Crane Game

Another prize you can choose to win by playing the claw machine game is the Itsuki plush toy. Itsuki is the last of the Nakano quintuplet. Her original hair color was pearl pink, just like her sisters’ hair color. But she dyed her hair and change it into reddish orange.

If you just keep playing the claw machine game online, you will win Itsuki plush toy and the other quintuplet plush toys. But plush toys are not the only prizes you can win. This online game will also let you win figurines, posters, cushions, and storage, all inspired by The Quintessential Quintuplets.






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