Claw Machine Game Online Canada: A New Way to Play a Claw Machine

Many arcade game enthusiasts in Canada will not miss to play claw machines when they are in amusement arcades. They love playing this game because it is fun. Now, you can also enjoy this fun game on your cell phones by downloading a claw machine game online.

This online game is as challenging as the real ones. The challenge of clawing the prize has made many people addicted to this online claw crane game. They will not stop until they get the prize. 

Review: Online Claw Crane Game is Better than the Real One

Based on the users review, the online claw crane game is better than the claw machine in the arcade. This game offers similar gaming experience to the real claw machine since it enables you to control the real machine via app.

The developer of this game creates a connection between the game and the real machine. You can prove it by watching how the claw of the machine in the live video moves as you operate the control buttons.

Many users love this online game because it enables them to play claw machine without moving from where they are. They can also enjoy this game with more comforts than when they are playing a claw machine in the arcade.

To play this online claw machine game, they don’t need to wait for the arcade to open. With those conveniences and excellent gaming experience, it is no wonder that the online claw crane game is more recommended by arcade game lovers.

Many Prize Items to Win

This online claw crane game sends real prizes to the winners. Millions of users have proved it. This game is easy to play that many users get multiple prizes from playing this online game.

The prizes available in this game are different from those in the arcade claw machine. The choices of the prizes in the online claw machine game are not limited to soft toys.

Aside from the soft toy category, there are four more prize categories available in this game. They are anime, electronics, toys, and food. 

Some examples of the prizes you can win are anime figurines, wireless earphones, cup noodles, and remote control car. To have a chance of winning the prizes of game, you need to buy the game ticket and then playing the claw machine.

How to Play the Claw Machine Game Online

The online claw crane game has five choices of claw machines. They offer different gameplay and challenges. However, they are easy to play in general so that you will not have problems in playing it.

To be able to play this online claw machine, you must download the app first. It is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

After the downloaded is completed and you install it on your cell phone, you can start playing the claw machine. However, before operating this machine, you need to choose your prize first. If you are able to catch the prize, you must get it shipped to your address.

Claw machine game online is one of the best online game available in the app store. Download this claw crane now and get your prize.






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