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Change on Education Level and Prosperity Affect Consumer Behavior

Food is the primary consumption sector in Malaysia. Market research Malaysia also show that global or international product is most preferred than a local product in baby product sector. Local and international product compete in the food and beverage sector. The increasing of internet usage and the influence of globalization increase the awareness of Malaysian for the international brand.

Young Malaysian enjoy their urban and independent lifestyle. Vehicles, entertainment, and electronics sales have become a profitable sale in Malaysia. Internet shopping is also popular among Malaysian. Fashion product, electronics, and cosmetics are some examples of products that bought a lot via online shopping. The change in education levels and prosperity affect the way Malaysian spend their money.

Market Research Malaysia Online Market is a Promising Business Sector

The change in education level and prosperity affect the consumer behavior of Malaysian people. Automobile and luxury item are now considered by many Malaysian. A credit card is a payment method that many you Malaysian use, especially to do online shopping and purchase transportation tickets. Based on market research Malaysia, here’s some consumer preference that appears after the changes in both factors that stated before.

  1. Western-based products are more attractive. Malaysian are more brand-conscious and choose the product based on its quality. That doesn’t mean they ignore the price of the product. Now, they are more aware of the quality of the international branded product. Advertisement and a good campaign for the product can affect consumer behavior.
  2. Like many tech-conscious countries, Malaysian are enjoying online shopping. The price list and various type of product that they can find online become the reason why they choose to shop online. Not all product you can buy physically provide the style or model that the consumer wants. Online shopping gives them more choice in term of product variety. Technology or gadget, fashion item, and cosmetics are products that sold a lot via online shopping.
  3. The Travel sector has increased in Malaysia. Malaysian likes to travel on holiday. Their destination is diverse (national or international). They tend to find the best travel deals available.

Television and the internet are still the effective media if you want to spread the product’s advertisement. Many Malaysian watching satellite tv today. Smartphone users are increasing. That means their access to the internet become easier. Market research Malaysia gives us a fact that online market is promising. With many young Malaysian are tech-conscious, online shopping will always become their choice for purchasing any kind of product.





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