4 Trends in Food and Beverage Service and Opportunities

Food and beverage service is part of the food and beverage industry that will always develop since people need food and beverage. 

Today, this industry is getting bigger but the trend is changing due to the pandemic that started a couple of years ago.

The Latest Food and Beverage Service Trend

The pandemic actually changed people, not only in the EMEA but also across the world. This also changed the trend of the F&B industry. 

Below are some new trends that emerged because of the pandemic and the opportunities opened because of it.

  • The new shopping habits

Since people have to stay at home, they start to shop their groceries, foods, and beverages online.

When the pandemic started to attack the world, the grocery stores and supermarkets providing F&B were even closed since the Governments required people to stay indoors.

People stopped leaving the house, visiting the packed supermarkets, eating out, and going to the F&B outlets. This doesn’t mean they can stop eating. 

The new normal style makes people turn to online grocery and it is a huge opportunity for online F&B service.

  • Brand new dining habits

When the pandemic started in early 2020, many eateries, cafes, bars, and restaurants were all forced to turn away their customers. 

But the warmer weather of Spring and the vaccines bring a new hope that the lockdown restriction will be eased.

Food delivery services and food aggregators started filling the gaps. The emerging and existing food delivery services in Europe mobilized in order to keep the customers connected with their F&B outlets. 

The new normal program must be used by the F&B industry to plan the new normal strategies as well.

  • Technology for better EMEA Food and Beverage service

Conventional shutdown means the technology must be used to fill the needs of the customers. This also means innovative alternatives for the long term are needed. 

The F & B industry can offer discounts, offers, payment functionality, and ordering functionality for some time.

Customers loved how they can use mobile solutions. They can do the check-ins, the order in an extremely easy way, and pay as easily. 

Customers can even choose to pay and tip using cash or use the cashless method. This is a great opportunity in the EMEA and other countries in the world for F&B Service.

  • Unique dining experience

Customers today still want to taste the unique dining experience. F&B still needs to be creative in providing a unique service. Preparing the best data strategy will create opportunities especially for hyper-personalization.

Custom-made preferences will contribute to the additional revenue streams. It will also get consumer loyalty.

F&B services can also invest in technologies that will enable cost-saving and efficient management tools. Technologies will develop innovation in service and product.

Key for Successful F&B Industry

The key to successful food and beverage service is learning the demand patterns as well as the customer preferences. 

Those things will give you a forward-looking perspective especially on how your F&B company or industry can grow better and bigger in the future, during and after the pandemic.

3 Strategies Asia Automotive Industry Consulting Firms Will Use

Entering Asian automotive market can be challenging. The challenges and problems your business may face when trying to enter the Asian market can be outsmarted by the help of Asia automotive industry consulting.

What is this automotive consulting? How can this consulting firm help your company?

Success requires gaining new products, new working ways, and new mindset. Your automotive industry is in its most disruptive periods, yet most exciting one.

There are breakthroughs in electric vehicles, vehicle connectivity, self-driving cars, and many more automotive innovations.

Borrow the Power of Asia Automotive Industry Consulting to Win the Market

Automotive Mobility

Your automotive company must act on the emerging challenges, right now.

You must also transform your operations and make it more sustainable and efficient while adopting some new business models in order to respond to the competition as well as the shifting demand faster.

The automotive industry consultant will help you. This specialist consulting firm is going to drive the innovation and products in automotive industry through the:

  • Electrification and climate change

Both electrification and climate change are the center of electric vehicle strategies and markets.

This sector will help you assess the impact of electric vehicles on the related industries, infrastructure, and energy.

The automotive consultant will use a set of comprehensive tools to help you.

They will evaluate the market opportunities for you, evaluate the expectations, and also the manufacturing requirements.

Automotive consulting firm will also analyze the industry regulation and the market competition.

  • Automotive product creation

Automotive consulting firm is going to help you analyze the consumer behaviors and preferences in order to optimize your product portfolios and offerings.

The firm will also help you maximize the returns and growth.

A comprehensive tools suite is used by the automotive consulting firm to manage the life cycles of products as well as the cost.

The technology roadmap and platform architecture owned by the automotive consultants allow them to keep the pace with your customer demands and maintain the capital efficiency.

  • Automotive operations

Automotive consulting firm is going to fine tune your automotive manufacturing as well as the supply chain for your future.

Automotive consultants are going to guide your company using the best tools like the mobile labs, model factories, advanced analytics, and technology demonstrations.

Those best tools are used by automotive consulting firms to help you develop new tools, new partner ecosystems, and new products.

Find the Best Consulting Firms in Automotive Industry

Entering Asian automotive market requires good preparation and excellent plans.

If your company is not ready to compete in the automotive market in Asia, you won’t win the competition and lose many things.

Get help from the Asia automotive industry consulting that will lend you the expert hands.

However, finding automotive industry consulting firms is not easy at all.

Experienced and reputed firms must gain your trust more than the one that is new in this field and has only served a small number of automotive companies.

Check every detail of the consulting firm before deciding to use its service.

Developing EMEA Business Strategy Prior Entering the EMEA Market

Expanding a business in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is not an easy task to do, especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a hard time for the EMEA economy. However, the difficulties in this business expansion can be tackled with the right EMEA business strategy.

How to Develop the Best EMEA Business Strategy

The pandemic may have affected the EMEA economy to a certain level. However, it didn’t close the doors for global business players to invest and expand their business in this region.

Due to the pandemic, new business trends have arisen and the demands for innovations and technologies increases.

To grasp the new opportunities presented in this difficult time, business players need to prepare the best business strategy in EMEA. This strategy can be created by performing these steps.

Setting the Business Goals 

In order to succeed in EMEA, business players need to set their business goals in entering the EMEA market.

It is common for them to aim for increasing the numbers of customers, market shares, and profits, but these goals must be realistic and relevant to the business.

Study the Trends and the New Markets

Studying the trends and the new markets is necessary for business players who want to enter the EMEA markets.

Knowing the trends and the new markets allows them to create the right strategies in developing and promoting their products and services. 

Since EMEA covers a large region with numerous countries, it is essential for them to decide the countries they want to enter beforehand. Therefore, they will get reliable and suitable data needed to create the strategy.

Study the Competition

Winning a business competition in a new market can be quite challenging. To minimize the challenge, you need to create the best competitive strategy based on the data related to the market competition. 

Therefore, it is essential for business players to study the market competition in EMEA in order to develop the right business strategy prior to entering the region.

Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses

Business players need to assess their strengths and weaknesses when developing a business strategy.

Knowing these two aspects will allow them to create strategies to alleviate their weaknesses so that they have more chances to succeed in expanding the business.

The Importance of Market Consultant Assistance in Developing a Business Strategy


Many companies and business players hire a market consultant in developing their business strategy. A market consultant plays important roles in this development because he can make this process easier to do. 

In addition, a market consultant of EMEA knows everything about the market condition, trends, opportunities, competitions, and customers in this region.

Therefore, they are able to provide valid data needed to develop the right business strategy prior entering the EMEA.

A market consultant will help international business players to be connected with the right partners. As a result, they will be able to develop a good partnership with the local partners, distributors, and investors.

EMEA consists of a number of countries with different cultures, ethnics, and political and economic conditions.

Therefore, the EMEA business strategy must be created specifically in order to bring the best advantage to the business players who need to enter the market of a specific EMEA country.

Understanding UAE Business Culture: a Key to Reach Success in Doing Business in UAE

The business culture in one country is different from that in another country. UAE business culture, for example, is unique because 80% of the residents are expatriates, but the country complies with Islamic or sharia laws. Therefore, business activities and their legality revolve around Islamic principles.

Foreign business owners and investors who want to enter the UAE market need to understand the business etiquette in this country.

Understanding and complying with this business culture is one of the key successes in doing business in the UAE.

Key Points in UAE Business Culture

There are hundreds of thousands of registered businesses in the United Arab Emirates and many of them have foreign investors and owners.

All of the business players in this country follow the business culture that centers on respect, discourage corporate crimes, and promote women in the workplace.

These are some key points of business culture in the UAE.

Key Points in UAE Business Culture

  • Working Days and Dress Code

The working days in UAE are different from the working days in Western Countries.

The working week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday, while the weekend is on Friday and Saturday. Employees usually wear a suit for men and women wear modest business attire.

  • Networking

Most Emiratis tend to build informal relationships before having a business relationship with others.

Therefore, new business players must socialize more and have informal relationships with Emiratis before talking about businesses. 

To build a good network, business owners and investors may contact OMIS, join a ‘majlis’ held by big businessmen in UAE, or attend regional trade shows.

  • Greeting People

Social status and respect are highly valued in UAE. Therefore, business players must address others by their appropriate title, such as said (Mr), Sayeda (Mrs), sheikh (chief), sheikha (female chief). 

The greeting is followed by a light handshake and then touching the hand to the heart. Men and women usually do not shake hands, except the woman is holding out a hand.

  • Business Cards

It is recommended to have simple white business cards with one side written in Arabic and the other in English.

The business cards must be handed with the right hand, handing them with the left hand is considered to be disrespectful.

  • Meeting and Negotiating

Business players must arrive on time in a meeting, but they must not talk about the business directly.

Most Emiratis love to talk about their family and other things before starting the meetings. In addition, meetings must be scheduled properly because Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Business Consultation on UAE Business Etiquette

New investors or business owners from outside UAE will need assistance to understand more about the UAE business culture.

To have a better understanding of this culture, they may contact UAE Business Consulting Company.

This company will not only help its clients to comply with the business etiquette in this country, but it also offers market consultation service. 

New investors and companies who plan to enter the UAE markets will be provided with market insights, strategic recommendations, and other data needed to expand their business in this country.

The business culture in UAE is not the same as the western business culture. To avoid a culture shock, foreign business owners and investors need aid from a business consulting company that will provide all the information related to the culture to them.

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The Services and Stategies of Manufacturing Consulting Myanmar

Manufacturing strategy consulting Myanmar in general is a service that give many suggestions to company management in order to have a new strategy to develop their company. The suggested strategy will generate many benefits for the future of the company.

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