Catch Cute Pokemon Merchandise in the Pokemon Claw Machine Singapore

When it comes to media franchises, most people consider Pokemon as one of the most successful. Pokemon was first launched as a video game. It is then adapted into anime TV series and movies. You can also play a Pokemon claw machine in Singapore.

Similar to the video game and anime series, the Pokemon crane machine is very popular. It is no wonder that you can find it easily in most amusement arcades in Singapore. 

A Glance of Pokemon Media Franchise

Satoshi Tajiri is the creator of Pokemon. In 1996, Nintendo published the first Pokemon game series. This game is well received by gamers all over the world. After that, Nintendo published the Pokemon game series almost every year.

Following the success of the game, the Pokemon anime TV series was first released in 1997. The TV series were of course adapted from the game series. Moreover, in 1998, the first Pokemon movie was available in theatres.

Due to this popularity, you will be able to find Pokemon merchandise easily, such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander plush toys, key chains, bags, and many others. Some of them are available in large numbers in stores. However, some others are only available in limited editions.

Pokemon Claw Machine: Offline and Online

Aside from purchasing the Pokemon merchandise in stores, you can also get it from a Pokemon claw machine. This particular arcade game is popular in Singapore because the prizes inside the machine are attractive. 

If you are too busy to visit the amusement arcade, you can play the online Pokemon crane machine. It is an online game that offers real claw machine gaming experience. This online game enables you to control the real machine remotely and to watch the live video of it.

With only a buck, you can win real Pokemon merchandise and the online claw machine will send the prize to your address. Therefore, you can have fun and get cool Pokemon prizes at the same time.

Pokemon Prizes to Choose

The Pokemon prizes that you can win depend on the type of Pokemon crane machine you play. The ones in the Singaporean arcades generally offer Pokemon plush toys. They are cute and attractive so kids and girls love them.

On the other hand, the online Pokemon crane machine offers various Pokemon collectibles. For example, you can choose Pokemon slippers, calendars, bags, plush toys, wristwatches, and towels. They are available only in limited editions. 

The creator of this claw machine game has a special merchandising contract with the creator of Pokemon. Therefore, the Pokemon merchandise in this game is more valuable for Pokemon collectors.

How to Play Online Claw Machine?

You may have no problem in playing a Pokemon crane machine in the arcades. However, those who never played the online version of claw machine before may be a bit confused in playing it. Playing the online Pokemon crane machine is almost similar to that of an arcade claw machine.

Once you have installed the online game, you need to purchase the game ticket. After that, choose the Pokemon collectible you want to have and start clawing it. Next, ship the prize to your address.

Arcade gamers in Singapore are now more interested in the online Pokemon crane machine than the one in the arcade. They love it because it is more convenient and exciting to play. Try the online claw machine now and feel the excitement.






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