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Brand Affect Buyers Decision in Kazakhstan

Brand Affect – Market research Kazakhstan main goal is to gather information about what consumer wants from a certain product. It also shows how a consumer in Kazakhstan will respond for a product that you will sell in their country. Without a market research, you won’t get the maximum achievement. You will maximize your sale if you use the data from a market research. A survey and an interview is the common market research method.

Kazakhstan is one the largest economic power in Central Asia. Oil and gas is their main revenue. Mineral and metals are also one of Kazahstan’s main revenue. The country has much potential in the agriculture sector. Kazakhstan GDP per capita (2016) is 7,318 USD. Agriculture, industry, services are three main GDP sector. Some of Kazakhstan main industries are oil, agriculture machinery, steel, tractors, zinc, bauxite, copper, iron, and ore.

Kazakhstan is of the country who has good economic development in recent years. Located between two big countries, China and Russia are Kazakhstan’s main export/import partner. Kazakhstan’s main export commodity is oil, chemicals, and metals. Kazakhstan’s main import commodity is machinery, metal products, and foodstuff. Kazakhstan is one of the emerging economies countries that starts to enjoy their economic growth.

Market Research Kazakhstan Shows That the Kazakhs Are Brand-Conscious

Market research Kazakhstan shows us that Kazakhstan’s people are brand-conscious. They know about the popular and international brand. The automotive sector is one of the sectors where the brand is the dominant consideration when the Kazakhs want to buy a car. They tend to choose a popular and well-known brand. There is a setback in car sales in 204-2016 but the automobile market are starting to recover.

They expected that the automobile market will grow. Beside automobile, fashion item and consumer electronics sector are two sectors where the Kazakhs are brand-conscious. They know about the quality of a popular brand. For example, they tend to choose a gadget from a popular brand. For fashion item, well-known brand (mostly foreign) is the dominant aspect when they try to buy clothes or any product related to fashion.

Today, the social media start to change the perspective of Kazakhs for a foreign well-known brand. Market research Kazakhstan shows that many Kazakhs women are interested in a local product. Instagram and other social media help promote the local fashion product to grow. Despite the ‘local’ status of the product, they still prioritize the quality of the product. They demand a high-quality product from local fashion designers.





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