The Start of Indonesia Smart Cities

The progress of the times seems to be in line with technological advances. Therefore, every country needs to participate in this, especially to build smart cities, including Indonesia. Indonesia smart cities will be a very good plan to advance the country as well as possible.

It should be noted that efforts to build smart cities in Indonesia must cover several important aspects. For example, digital health service, marketplace services, builder enhancements and so on. All of these things need to be well collaborated so that they can create a real smart city.


Smart Economy to Build Indonesia Smart Cities 2045

To realize a smart city in Indonesia, of course, it can be realized by starting to build a smart economy. The objective side of the smart economy can be started from building smart city branding, e-commerce services or marketplaces to support startup.

These aspects can be collaborated as well as possible so as to be able to provide the best implementation in order to realize a real smart city. For example, collaborating between e-commerce with local products so that they can make these products more well known.

In addition, the smart economy can also be realized through the development of products for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) and other creative art centers. Another thing that is no less important is supporting startups by partnering with them so that they can continue to exist and advance the economy.


The Best Smart Living for Indonesia Smart Cities Development

Indonesia’s aspiration to create smart cities can be realized by building the best smart living. The development is expected to be evenly distributed to all cities in Indonesia so as to provide convenience building smart cities.

The objective side of building a smart living can be started in various ways. For example, opening access to education, health services and improving security as well as possible. In order to realize this, of course, it is necessary to collaborate with good infrastructure.

Do not forget to also relate all these aspects to the digital world which is a symbol of today’s technological progress. For example, creating an online health service system, providing convenience for all these aspects in digital form and so on.


Smart Environment for Best Indonesia Smart Cities 

Smart environment is also an element that supports the realization of 100 smart cities in Indonesia. The objective side of the smart environment starts from doing good management of IT based environment and development of renewable energy sources.

With a sophisticated IT base, everything can be integrated properly. For example, in terms of security, a security system will be created with automatic light sensors, smart parking, temperature quality sensors and so on. Besides, the development of a smart environment can also be maximized through other things.

For example, implementing a city security and safety digitization system such as the application of online tickets, fire, natural disasters, floods and other emergency detections. Then the smart environment also supports monitoring energy consumption, waste management and providing traffic information in real time.

In order to realize Indonesia smart Cities in 2045, of course, various important elements are needed. Starting from the smart economy, smart living and smart environment. It is not only the responsibility of the government, but all Indonesian people are expected to be invited to work together to make it happen.

How Philippines Sustainable Finance Develops

Asian countries have their own strategies to tackle economic change. Philippines, one of the countries in SouthEast Asia can adapt with economic and environmental change by instigating sustainable finance. However, it is not easy to implement Philippines sustainable finance

A country must require experts to determine best strategies in applying sustainable finance.  It will become a long-term investment that will bring sustainable economic projects and activities. Covid19 pandemic makes some industries and governments to initiate sustainable finance for better economy.

Why Is Financial Sustainability So Important?

Covid19 outbreaks indeed affect many aspects, economy in particular. The Philippines decides to focus on sustainable finance to enhance economic growth in this country. Financial sustainability is really crucial to increase economic growth since it has some benefits. 

Resources Efficiency

With financial sustainability, the investment is long term so it will reduce expenditure, minimize resources usage and save operational cost. It makes sense that sustainable finance is more efficient in spending resources. It even increases profit at the same time. 

Balanced Economic Growth

Fundamentally, financial sustainability refers to investment that considers the welfare of society, environment, and government while executing economic projects. It ensures balanced economic growth globally and nationally. 

Expands Business Opportunities

Since financial sustainability highlights the well-being of the economy and environment, the investment tends to go on long term.  Normally, the long-term investment will lead to futuristic business opportunities for all stakeholders. 

Minimize Risk

Actually, sustainable finance can minimize social and environmental risks. It is one of the benefits that come in the short or long term. The basic concept of sustainable finance is to restore nature, unlike the conventional investments that tend to not to exploit nature.

Roadmap of Philippines Sustainable Finance

In order to implement sustainable finance, the central bank in this country, BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) works on some projects that emphasize the eco-friendly economy. Thus, the Philippines establishes a roadmap that brings advantages for private and public sectors.

The government provides preventive measures and solutions for stakeholders in applying financial sustainability by rearranging regulation about tax rates and fiscal policies to prevent economic, financial and environmental harms.

E-Money Transaction

Currently, online transactions and e-money has become an area of interest in applying Philippines financial sustainability. From 2014 to 2018, e-money transaction’s growth rate was 8%. Apparently, with the popularity of digital wallets, the growth rate of e-money increased up to 15%.

E-money transactions keep increasing since the compound annual growth rate reaches 36% from outflow, inflow and usage of e-money. 

Thus, e-money will become prominent in sustainable finance in the future. Mobile wallet and prepaid cards are examples of e-money adoption in emphasizing sustainable finance.

Digital Investment Applications

With e-money, the transaction becomes cashless and paperless. It surely brings a positive impact toward financial sustainability because this transaction can reduce carbon footprint. Aside from mobile wallets, some applications offering digital investment for consumers start to emerge. 

These platforms strengthen the government’s initiative in implementing sustainable finance and lead citizens to actively participate in sustainable finance projects. By doing so, the Philippines will easily achieve the goal of financial sustainability.To actualize Philippines sustainable finance, the government and financial institutions keep on promoting financial sustainability.

It certainly requires an active role from the private and public sectors. Recently, the development in sustainable finance has grown well. It will grow higher in the future. 

Vietnam Sustainable Cities Start with Developing Sustainable Transportation

Industry development definitely improves people’s standard of living. On the other hand, industrialization starts to bring negative impacts to the environment. Vietnam decides to start a green revolution by establishing Vietnam sustainable cities.

Awareness of environmental impact leads Vietnam to find solutions to balance the economic growth and natural resources. In this case, the concept of sustainable cities highlights the well-being of the economy, social and environment. 

Sustainable Transportation

In order to achieve the goal of creating sustainable cities, Vietnam has implemented a green revolution in public and private sectors. Transportation becomes the top concern in actualizing the sustainable cities because the majority of gas emissions come from vehicle and automotive industries. 

95% of vehicles that Vietnamese use are motorbikes. It makes sense that motorbikes become the primary vehicle to travel. At this moment, there are approximately 1000 electric vehicles in Vietnam. This country has 2000 charging stations to recharge the battery of electric vehicles. 

By 2022, Vietnam plans to create sustainable transportation by producing more electric vehicles. Their target is 250.000 electric vehicles. While increasing the number of electric vehicles, Vietnam will also install 20.000 battery charging stations. 

The more electric vehicle users, the transportation will become more sustainable. Electric vehicles will effectively reduce gas emissions. The battery charging costs are relatively lower than fuel vehicles. Besides, the electric vehicles manufacturer will stay sustainable too. 

Automotive Manufacturer 

Gas emissions from vehicles gradually cause global warming. Hence, most automotive industries around the world strive to apply sustainable manufacturing by producing electric vehicles. However, the production of electric vehicles still emits a carbon footprint. 

Some automotive manufacturers keep developing strategies to lessen harmful emissions toward the environment.  Recycling battery cells used for electric vehicles will decrease the emission and resources. Most countries around the world including Vietnam attempt to provide eco-friendly automotive manufacturing.

Actually, Vietnam has emphasized sustainable transportation in their program for National Digital Transformation from 2025 to 2030. They aim to establish sustainable cities that require collaboration of public and private sectors. 

To establish sustainable cities in Vietnam, transportation must adapt to urban centers. Citizens may opt for private or public transportation. As long as the transportation system implements the concept of sustainability, then they can keep the environment, society and economy balanced. 

Other Potentials to Improve Vietnam Sustainable Cities

Aside from that, Vietnam still has several potentials to optimize the future sustainability in this country. It is impossible to create sustainable cities without exploring other potentials. Applying sustainable transportation is crucial. But there are some aspects that require development to create sustainable cities. 


All cities must have adequate infrastructure to fulfill citizens’ standard of living. Ideally sustainable cities surely apply intelligent technology in infrastructure development, especially for the energy and logistics sector. 

Green Building and Spaces

Environmental welfare becomes a priority when Vietnam aims to develop sustainable cities. Currently this country intensifies the usage of eco-friendly materials to construct corporate and residential buildings. Vietnam also strives to provide green spaces that are free from pollution. 

As transportation becomes the major factor that contributes to environmental impact, Vietnam currently focuses on sustainable transportation programs. However, other sectors also need development to actualize.

Bandung Smart Cities for Better Indonesian Economy

Bandung smart city is a pioneer in realizing smart city projects in Indonesia. This city is one of the targets of 100 smart cities in Indonesia in 2045. Especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, Indonesia needs to immediately reorganize the economy to make it even better.

The government needs to extra boost the economy in order to be able to realize smart cities optimally. Therefore, by making Bandung the first city, it is hoped that it will be the best step to create smart cities in Indonesia.

Bandung Smart Cities Indonesia in Business

It seems that making Bandung smart city pioneer in Indonesia is a good choice. Most of the people of Bandung already use digital technology in their daily activities. Especially during the pandemic in order to continue to optimize their online business.

The business of the people of Bandung is growing very well using the digital e-commerce mode. So, there is no reason not to run a business during the pandemic. Everything can be overcome with today’s advanced technology called e-commerce.

Moreover, considering the current internet penetration has reached 64%, which means that many Indonesians are technology literate. This amount can be obtained from the use of laptops or cellphones as needed.

Bandung Smart Cities for Indonesia’s Economic Recovery

Bandung is a city that is used as the first step for economic recovery in Indonesia. With the condition of the people who are technology literate, then everything will be able to run well. Without excpetion for the field of buying and selling business.

In Bandung, smart city technology is considere a gateway for the economy of all levels of society. All business people are included in it, without exception Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s). Given the encouragement from all sectors, it is hoped that all business can run well.

Bandung smart cities technology is really advanced. A real example is the collaboration between the smart city of Bandung and the Gojek multi-servicee platform, namely education on business practices for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) during the pandemic.

It can also be categorized into the Bandung smart cities campaign. The more educated people, the better the effect that will be obtained. So, the realization of Indonesia smart cities in 2045 is not just wishful thinking. Not impossible to make it happen.

Bandung Recovery Economy Indonesia 

To revive the Indonesian economy after the pandemic, Indonesia uses the smart city method. Then, Indonesia choose Bandung as the first city to realize Indonesia smart cities. This is a very good idea for future of Indonesia.

With the presence of a smart city like this, it is hoped that it will have a good impact on Indonesia in the long-term. A good promotion to other cities can also be the best example to make the nation’s economy even better.

Then, the desire to create 100 smart cities in Indonesia is certainly not just wishful thinking. Everything has worked out well. Starting from Bandung, it is hoped that other cities will follow suit to become smart cities with a good economy.

Bandung smart cities is the best step to realize 100 Indonesia smart cities in 2045. With people who are technology literate, of course, it is hoped that they will be able to receive good education from various sectors to advance the local economy.

Vietnam Consumer Finance Supports Country’s Economy

Most countries around the world face a downturn during covid19 pandemic. However, Vietnam shows economic resilience in the midst of covid19 pandemic. Vietnam consumer finance is relatively stable since most citizens support domestic consumption that increases the economic growth in this country.

Apparently, the role of government in determining successful strategy to maintain the economy’s well-being by supporting the dynamic Vietnam consumer behavior. The collaboration between the government and all parties will effectively keep the country’s economy stable.

Factors Enhancing Country’s Economy

Actually, Vietnam relies on two factors to grow the country’s economy. They are domestic consumption and manufacturing sector’s exports. When the covid19 outbreak rises, the demand of global export certainly decreases. It makes the gross national income a bit.

Fortunately, their domestic consumption still helps the country to maintain its economy. In addition, the consumer behavior in this country has supportive composition and characteristics to keep the country’s economy secure.

The companies must recognize the consumer characteristics and their urgent needs, so they can provide products or services that meet consumer’s preference. Another thing that enhances domestic consumption during the pandemic is the discounts or promotion in online shopping.

The Growth of Vietnam Consumer Finance

During covid19 pandemic, the GDP (Gross domestic product) rate in Vietnam shows a steady growth. In 2020, Vietnam’s GDP rate reached 1.8%, whereas its neighboring countries experienced crisis and deficits. It indicates that the economic resilience in this country is excellent.

One of the factors that enhance this economic growth in the midst of the pandemic situation is the unique condition in Vietnam. Several companies have apparently relocated their manufacturing operations from China to Vietnam. It helps Vietnam survive financially when covid19 pandemic rises.

The covid19 pandemic indeed brings impact in all aspects including consumer behavior. In this situation, the consumer behavior in Vietnam has changed. Most consumers want the digital transformation for all aspects to ease them fulfilling their daily needs.

It becomes a challenge for companies to transform digitally for the sake of their customers. Of course, without adapting to the digitalization era, the companies will not survive. With digital transformation, the companies serve the market’s needs better.

Consumers Behavior

Consumer behavior in Vietnam shows significant interest toward online shopping and e-commerce. This applies for all product categories. It leads most companies to change their strategy in selling products and services via online channels.

Vietnamese believe that the government or the country can recover from the pandemic soon. Of course, the country has the solutions to handle any problems regarding the country’s economy. The government provides several fiscal and monetary relaxation for vulnerable citizens and some businesses.

This kind of support from the government effectively maintains domestic consumption. After the country reopens, the Vietnamese consumers can visit the physical stores directly to fulfill their daily needs. On the other hand, the sales of leisure products and fashion still increases drastically.

It means the companies should maintain their businesses online and offline. By doing so, the companies will maximize their service and gain more profits. When the citizens finally get vaccinated, most of them prefer to shop conventionally. The speed recovery from covid19 pandemic requires collaboration between government and citizens. They have to support each other to keep the country’s economy in good condition. With this, Vietnam consumer finance is stable.

Bangkok Consumer Spending and How The Government Affects

Understanding the inflation outlook of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, will help you see the forecast of Bangkok consumer spending in 2022. Then you can decide whether this country is the right destination to expand your business.

Inflationary pressures were rising during 2021, not only in Thailand but also in many countries around the world. The inflation was caused by the higher commodity prices, low base effects, and also supply chain challenges to create the localised shortages.

Conduct Market Research in Bangkok Before Entering Market

Everyone believes that the rising CPI (consumer price index) is the key risk to Thai consumer spending. It is able to erode the citizens’ purchasing power. Thailand’s CPI reached 3.4% year on year only in April. But since then, the CPI has been declining. In July, it was just 0.45%.

Those percentages partly reflect the subsidies of the Thai government to ease the financial burden of people. The risk team of the country projects that the inflation is going to be about 1.0% for the whole year.

Thai Government Restrictions Affect Bangkok Consumer Spending

On September 1, the authorities in Thailand eased several restrictions in the provinces that were hardly hit by the pandemic. The restaurants were allowed to offer dine in service with some conditions. Many businesses in the shopping malls started reopening.

However, the governments didn’t remove the curfew and it remains in effect to the end of that month. Restrictions in Thailand remain moderate with the score of stringency index 55.1 out of 100 (in September 5, 2021). However, the restrictions are going to be eased further because of the vaccines.

Thai Government Supports for Better Consumer Spending

Stimulus measures of the governments specifically support Thai households and shield the consumer spending. Those measures have included the fiscal package that was released in three different phases. This included the assistance for workers and health related spending.

The supports were also given for the entrepreneurs and farmers who are affected by the virus, for businesses and individuals through the tax relief and soft loans, social security contributions, lower utility bills, and also measures to support the local tourism.

Understanding The New Bangkok Consumer Spending

In terms of the smaller expenses, there are more demands that are expected for the personal care items, groceries, as well as cleaning products, due to the movement restrictions that are being gradually lifted in Bangkok and many other cities in the country.

About 80% of Thai citizens are being much more mindful of the amount they spend during the monthly shopping. Only 28% of people in Thailand are comfortable to visit the restaurants and only 41% Thai citizens are comfortable to visit their family and friends at their homes.

Increase in Several Sectors

However, the demand for cashless payment facilities, e-commerce, and digital activities is increasing. The consumers find bigger comfort with online purchases and cashless payments. Netflix is getting much more famous during the pandemic.

Consumer spending in Bangkok is affected by the government, its restrictions, and its support to the citizens. Some sectors may rise slowly but some other sectors are increasing much more quickly. Read the market to know the best to do to expand and enter the market successfully.

The Best Things from Claw Machine Online

We might still see many claw machines in the game arena, but do you know there is a claw machine online? The games are joyful to spend your day with because you will get the merch. If you don’t know what the machine is, take your time to read about this happy machine for your boring time.

What is Claw Machine?

Claw machine is the game where you will see merch in a big tank or tube. After that, your task is to get the merch by the claw from above. If you can get one merch until the hole, the merch will be for you. However, this game is challenging because the claw sometimes cannot make it.

The Difference between Online and Offline Machine

The offline machine means you have to come to a game zone. This machine is usually in a spot and the stuff inside the tank is plushie. The size of the merch has a range. The smaller the merch, the harder to get it. You need a token or coin to insert before the claw move above the merch.

Meanwhile, an online machine is where you play this game from the gadget. You don’t have to come to the tank machine because the game is on your phone. You only need to go to the game machine web website, and then play the game to get the merch. Later, the provider sends the merch to you.

The Skill to Play

Playing this game sometimes is all about luck. The claw movement is unpredictable. Sometimes, they open the claw even before they are above the hole to deliver the toy. This game is popular because of the big challenge that the gamers feel while playing on the machine.

It is harder when you play the game online. The joystick is virtual and you have to position it well. The provider makes it hard for gamers to win the game. So, the gamers will play the claw machine repeatedly.

The only skill you need is to see the position of the claw above the merch. If it is online, you have to look at the bunch of merch and try to see which one is easier to get by the claw. The merch may be not the stuff you want. However, it is way better than getting nothing in the end.

Playing the claw machine is easy, yet challenging for most gamers. When you try to play it online, it is harder than offline. However, the machine online offers better merch to get with the super affordable token. Later, they will deliver it to you by post.

Challenge Yourself with Thrilling Claw Machine Game Online

What makes you interested in playing claw machine? Other than the captivating prizes stored inside the claw machine, the thrill of grabbing the prize surely makes everyone addicted to playing it over and over again. Moreover, the claw machine game online is available now. 

The online claw machine gives you more options of prizes and game types that suit your preference. By playing the claw machine online, you can save your time to visit directly the shopping malls, restaurants, video arcades, or other places where the claw machine is available.  Continue reading “Challenge Yourself with Thrilling Claw Machine Game Online”

Huge numbers of business opportunities in Dubai are available for you to join. Among those incredible opportunities, which businesses are the most recommended ones? Can your company enter one of the promising markets? What can you do to grow in one of the Dubai markets?

Numerous Business Opportunities in Dubai to Enter

According to Lucidity Insights, at least there are eleven biggest opportunities opened in Dubai you need to know. However, only some of those opportunities you are about to see. If your business works in the same field as one of the opportunities, you surely want to grab it immediately.

  • Advertising

Dubai received a market share that is significant in advertising dollars for more than the last couple of years. The report shows that in 2019, the MENA region’s global advertising reached 579 billion USD the previous year.

An area that saw a big investment was digital advertising which accounted for more than 50 billion USD of advertising. If you want to establish an advertising agency somewhere in Dubai, you will need brand development, like the presence of strong social media and setting up in that area.

  • Web development and information technology

Dubai has formalized its goal to be one of many smart cities that embraces the future and technology. This country has been listed as one of the top smart cities in the region of MENA. In addition, the region has become the mecca of many businesses that are based in tech.

Dubai is also the home of over 1,200 startups in the technology sector. Opportunities are opened for many web development and IT innovations, including online security and marketing. Almost every sector is offering these businesses opportunities.

  • Service of business consultancy

One of many promising opportunities Dubai offers is business consultancy services. If you are one of the experts in global expansion, your business can help some other businesses in this area since numerous entrepreneurs and startups are flooding that area.

However, you must ensure that your company gains the necessary licenses before starting operations in the region.

  • Financial services

With numerous business opportunities in Dubai, financial services are in high demand, including in the bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting sectors. If you have lots of knowledge in this sector, you may want to be a part of this market share.

You can target small startups and businesses to avoid competition with some big accounting firms that work on an international level.

Can you find the sector that suits your business among the four opportunities above? Don’t hesitate to expand your business to the Dubai market, where many startups start developing. Find a trusted consultant to lead your company to success in Dubai.

7 Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge at The Market

Thailand is one of the countries with many people use a private vehicles to mobilize themselves daily. The trend of an electric vehicles is starting, but Thailand electric vehicle challenge is inevitable. Here are some challenges that become the concerns of its growth. Continue reading “7 Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge at The Market”