3 Cool Figures from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

DBZ or Doragon Boru Zetto or Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime TV series. If you are following the story of Son Goku in defending the Earth against so many villains, you will enjoy playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine. This crane game will give you cool figures of the characters of Dragon Ball Z.

The figures you will get by playing the Japan Claw Machine are varied. But they are all limited edition Japanese products that you will never get from the other sources. The only way to collect them all is by playing the Japan Claw Machine and waiting for the prize shipped from Japan to Singapore.

Awesome Dragon Ball Z Prizes from Japan Claw Machine

If you have been watching Dragon Ball since years ago, you know that Goku is having incredible power to defend this earth from villains like Androids, Magical Creatures, and Aliens. When Goku wants to use his power, he will change his black hair into yellow.

But yellow hair is just the beginning. Complete your Goku figures by playing Japan Claw Machine and winning these cool Goku and Gohan figures:

1. Goku as Super Saiyan Blue

Japan Claw Machine offers a Dragon Ball Super World Collectible Figure that consists of many characters. The main character is Goku, who is wearing his blue shirt and orange pants. His blue hair shows that Goku is in Super Saiyan Blue mode. This figure will perfect your Goku figure collections.

The collectible figure from Japan Claw Machine can be purchased for USD 40. But if you play Dragon Ball Z claw machine, it will be yours for only USD 1 per each play. You can even get all the collectible figures for free by using the premium tickets.

2. Goku as Super Saiyan Rose

If you follow the story of Goku until today, you will know that Goku is not the only Goku. There’s Goku Black who is an antagonist version of Goku. He can evolve to Super Saiyan Rose. He has black outfit with a little red. And when he becomes Super Saiyan Rose, he’ll have cute pink hair.

This figure of Goku Black when he becomes Super Saiyan Rose can also complete your collection. The original price of this awesome figure is USD 30. But there is no need to pay if you can win it with premium tickets. Japan Claw Machine will ship it directly to your home in Singapore.

3. Gohan as Super Saiyan

Another member of Dragon Ball anime is Gohan, who is the son of Goku. He is a half breen Saiyan and human. Gohan can also become a Super Saiyan and change his black hair into yellow. Japan Claw Machine has figures of Gohan when he becomes Super Saiyan.

Interested in getting a Gohan figure and the other Dragon Ball figures? All you have to do is download the app and keep playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine until you get the entire figures and complete your Dragon Ball collection once the prizes get shipped from Japan to Singapore.






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