Pikachu Claw Machine with 3 Cool Prizes

The fans of Pokémon are scattered all around the globe. Those fans of Pokémon want to play something related to Pokémon. For those people, there is now available the Pikachu claw machine. This online game is similar to the classic crane game. you need to move the claw to get the prize you want.

Before playing, players are allowed to choose the prize they want. If you want Pikachu prizes, you need to choose the prize and then start playing the game. Though you have won a Pikachu prize from this game, don’t stop playing since there are many other prizes you can win from the game. 

Win Pikachu Face Cushion from The Crane Game

The first prize you can choose to win before playing the game is the fluffy cushion with a Pikachu face. This big-sized cushion will be a nice ornament for your bedroom. Place it on the bed that is surrounded by the other Pikachu stuff. Get the cushion only by playing the Pokémon claw machine game.

Pikachu is an electric Pokémon. This Pokémon will generate powerful electricity to protect itself. This Pokémon has cute red-colored cheek sacs that are super stretchy and extra soft. You’ll love this Pikachu face cushion.

Play Pikachu Claw Machine And Win Snack

The cushion isn’t the only prize you can get by playing the online crane game on your smartphone. Another prize you can win is the corn potage inside the Pikachu face-shaped snack. If you choose to win this snack, you will get a box of two Pikachu corn potages.

The expiry date of this snack is February 19, 2023. If you play the Pokémon claw machine game now and win the prize immediately, you will be able to taste the original Pikachu corn potage from Japan. Since this is an exclusive prize, there is no way to get this corn potage without playing the game.

Cute Pikachu Toy from Online Crane Game

Another Pikachu prize you can win by playing the online crane game is the Pikachu plush toy. Unlike the other two prizes above, this stuffed toy has not only the face of Pikachu but its whole body. The stuffed toy has Pikachu’s happy face and a huggable pose.

Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes

Interested in trying some snacks or foods from Japan? Then you may want to consider playing Japan claw machine app. This app allows you to play games and win unique things at once. Players of this claw machine game can get various types of prizes for free or at least by spending a dollar.

Claw machine japan

The online claw machine game is from Japan. So, everything you win will be shipped directly from Japan. What kind of prizes can you get from playing this online claw machine game? below are some examples of unique prizes you can get by winning this online game. Continue reading “Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes”