Month: September 2022

  • Pikachu Claw Machine with 3 Cool Prizes

    Pikachu Claw Machine with 3 Cool Prizes

    The fans of Pokémon are scattered all around the globe. Those fans of Pokémon want to play something related to Pokémon. For those people, there is now available the Pikachu claw machine. This online game is similar to the classic crane game. you need to move the claw to get the prize you want. Before […]

  • Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes

    Interested in trying some snacks or foods from Japan? Then you may want to consider playing Japan claw machine app. This app allows you to play games and win unique things at once. Players of this claw machine game can get various types of prizes for free or at least by spending a dollar. The […]