Various Real Prizes from Claw Machine App

Claw machine was invented dozens of years ago. But it still gets so many loyal players from around the world. Now you don’t have to go to any supermarket to play the crane game and win your favorite toys. Simply get the Japan claw machine app, play it anywhere you are, and win the prizes you want.

The Japan Claw Machine game comes in two versions, for the iOS device and for Android device. The app itself has Japanese and English so not only the Japanese players would understand what to do in this game, but also the other players from the other countries can enjoy this game.

Fantastic Japan Claw Machine Game and Its Prizes

The Japan Claw Machine game is going to give you the real prizes that are shipped from Japan to more than 60 different countries, including Canada. What prizes will you get by playing this online crane game at home? These are only some exclusive prizes offered by Japan Claw Machine for the players.

1. One Piece

For those who follow the journey of Luffy, the Japan Claw Machine should be installed on their phone. This game will give you various awesome One Piece prizes such as a Nico Robin figurine in Wano Kuni style and Sanji figurine to complete your One Piece collection.

Those figurines are not enough, you can still collect some other collectible figures like the Roronoa Zoro figurine, Nami figurine, Edward Newgate figurine, and many more One Piece prizes. Those are limited edition prizes you can win by playing the online crane game at home.

2. Dragon Ball

For the fans of Goku and his adventure in defending the earth from the villains, the Japan claw machine app has so many Dragon Ball prizes. There is a Goku Black figurine when he is in Super Saiyan Rose mode. There is also an Android No. 18 figurine you can get to complete the villain collection.

You can also have a Gohan figurine when he is in the Super Saiyan mode. Some other prizes like the collectible figures from the Dragon Ball Super World volume 2 can also be collected by playing the Japan Claw Machine. You can also get elite Dragon Ball playing cards for free by playing the JCM game.

3. Demon Slayer

For the ones who hate the Demon King and want to join the Demon Slayer Corps, Japan Claw Machine has various Demon Slayer figurines that will make your room look like a basecamp of all Demon Slayers. By playing this game you can win a Zenitsu Agatsuma big sized plush toy.

You can also get so many figurines such as the Nezuko Kamado figurine, Kyojuro Rengoku figurine, Kanae Kocho figurine, Zenitsu Agatsuma figurine, and many more. Play for only USD 1 per play and try to get all the Demon Slayer figurines.

The Japan claw machine app also has many other prizes for the players, such as Disney prizes, Pokemon prizes, and anime prizes. All those prizes are limited edition original prizes from Japan. Play the game, win the real prizes, and wait for the JCM to ship the prizes to your home in Canada.


Kimetsu No Yaiba Claw Machine to Win Kimetsu Tamagotchi

Get bored staying at home? Need something to cheer up your day? All you need is just a Japan Claw Machine game. JCM is a unique online game that is inspired by the classic crane game. Now, there is an online Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine you can play to get Kimetsu No Yaiba prizes.

This online game is available on Play Store and App Store, so you can play the fascinating arcade game on any smartphone type. Though you are playing an online game, the prizes you win are going to be real prizes. Those prizes will be shipped all the way long from Japan to Canada.

Unique Kimetsu No Yaiba Online Crane Game

What makes JCM more unique than the other online games? The main thing that makes it special is the way you play it and the way you win the prize. You are going to move the crane or claw through your smartphone. Then the real claw in Japan will move according to the moves you make.

So if you can win a prize in the original claw machine in Japan, you deserve that prize. JCM is going to use the service of EMS or DHL to ship the prize to your address in Canada or any other country. What prize can you get by playing this Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine?

Many Kimetsu No Yaiba prizes are provided by JCM for all new and loyal players. Figurines, mat, purse, and many other things can be yours if you can win this online arcade game.

Win Kimetsu Tamagotchi by Playing Japan Claw Machine

One of the Kimetsu No Yaiba prizes you can choose to win is the Kimetsu Tamagotchi or Demon Slayer Tamagotchi. This is the original Tamagotchi Nano that is licensed and created based on the manga and anime franchise Kimetsu No Yaiba. The tamagotchi was released in October 2020 in Japan.

There are two versions of tamagotchi that are released based on the Demon Slayer manga and anime, those versions are:

1. Kimetsu Tamagotchi

This is the original version. After being released in Japan in 2020, this tamagotchi was released on January 1, 2021 in the United States. The US version has the original Japanese programming, packaging, and design.

2. Hashira Gathering Tamagotchi

This is the second tamagotchi version that was announced in October 2020 and was released in March 2021 in Japan. This version will be released in the US on August 1, 2021. 

The one you can win from the Japan Claw Machine game is the original Kimetsu Tamagotchi version. It is the original version from Bandai and the original price is USD 80.

By playing the JCM online crane game you don’t have to pay those amounts to get your favorite tamagotchi to complete your Kimetsu collection.

Just make sure you use the premium tickets provided by JCM to play the Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine. Those tickets allow you to play for free, no need to pay for a single dollar. But if all your tickets have been used, each play will require USD 1. Spend your money carefully and win your favorite toys.

3 Cool Figures from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

DBZ or Doragon Boru Zetto or Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime TV series. If you are following the story of Son Goku in defending the Earth against so many villains, you will enjoy playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine. This crane game will give you cool figures of the characters of Dragon Ball Z.

The figures you will get by playing the Japan Claw Machine are varied. But they are all limited edition Japanese products that you will never get from the other sources. The only way to collect them all is by playing the Japan Claw Machine and waiting for the prize shipped from Japan to Singapore.

Awesome Dragon Ball Z Prizes from Japan Claw Machine

If you have been watching Dragon Ball since years ago, you know that Goku is having incredible power to defend this earth from villains like Androids, Magical Creatures, and Aliens. When Goku wants to use his power, he will change his black hair into yellow.

But yellow hair is just the beginning. Complete your Goku figures by playing Japan Claw Machine and winning these cool Goku and Gohan figures:

1. Goku as Super Saiyan Blue

Japan Claw Machine offers a Dragon Ball Super World Collectible Figure that consists of many characters. The main character is Goku, who is wearing his blue shirt and orange pants. His blue hair shows that Goku is in Super Saiyan Blue mode. This figure will perfect your Goku figure collections.

The collectible figure from Japan Claw Machine can be purchased for USD 40. But if you play Dragon Ball Z claw machine, it will be yours for only USD 1 per each play. You can even get all the collectible figures for free by using the premium tickets.

2. Goku as Super Saiyan Rose

If you follow the story of Goku until today, you will know that Goku is not the only Goku. There’s Goku Black who is an antagonist version of Goku. He can evolve to Super Saiyan Rose. He has black outfit with a little red. And when he becomes Super Saiyan Rose, he’ll have cute pink hair.

This figure of Goku Black when he becomes Super Saiyan Rose can also complete your collection. The original price of this awesome figure is USD 30. But there is no need to pay if you can win it with premium tickets. Japan Claw Machine will ship it directly to your home in Singapore.

3. Gohan as Super Saiyan

Another member of Dragon Ball anime is Gohan, who is the son of Goku. He is a half breen Saiyan and human. Gohan can also become a Super Saiyan and change his black hair into yellow. Japan Claw Machine has figures of Gohan when he becomes Super Saiyan.

Interested in getting a Gohan figure and the other Dragon Ball figures? All you have to do is download the app and keep playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine until you get the entire figures and complete your Dragon Ball collection once the prizes get shipped from Japan to Singapore.