How Asia Digital Consulting Firm Deal with Asian Market

If you want to move forward then you have to adapt with any kinds of change. The technology evolves from time to time and it gives you advantages in business. It allows you to reach the target market widely. Asia Digital Consulting Firm will show you how to take advantage of technology in business.  Continue reading “How Asia Digital Consulting Firm Deal with Asian Market”

Real Claw Machine App for You in UK

Do you want to play claw machines but don’t want to visit the amusement arcades? Many people in the UK are having the same feeling because they want to minimize the risk of catching the covid-19 virus.

Thankfully, now you can download a real claw machine app and play it from your mobile phone.

This mobile game has already gained large numbers of users in the UK and received some positive reviews. That’s why you must try playing this claw machine mobile game.

The Real Claw Machine App is Truly a Real Machine

When one hears about the real claw machine game app, they will think that it is a common mobile game with good graphics of a claw machine simulator. However, this app is actually not an app simulator.

This claw machine app has a connection with a real claw machine and you can see the connected machine through a video presented by this app. As a result, you can control the machine remotely from your mobile phone.

Downloading and playing this claw machine app allows you to have a real arcade gaming experience without visiting the arcade. Moreover, it allows you to play the claw machine at all hours comfortably.

It Has Real Merchandise for You to Win


Since it is an app with real claw machines, it also gives you choices of prize items to win. Playing the real claw machine app will give you an unlimited chance to win real merchandise. 

The developer of this app will ship the merchandise you win to your address.

How does it know your home address? They know it from the shipping form you fill in at the end of your winning plays. 

The prize items available in this mobile app are available in more choices. All of them are interesting, expensive, and have excellent quality.

Therefore, they are worth the money you spend on the game ticket. You can even choose to win exclusive and limited edition merchandise.

This claw machine app has numerous prizes that are grouped into many categories, including soft toys, electronics, food, toys, and anime. If you are a collector of Disney and anime figurines, this mobile game is a perfect game for you.

Great Bonuses

New app users will get great bonuses from the claw machine app. When you first log in to this app, you will get several exclusive tickets. If you have these tickets, you don’t need to purchase the game tickets to play this game. Therefore, you can win the merchandise for free.

Great Claw Machines

This claw machine app is not only connected to one type of claw machine, but it has several types of claw machines for you to play.

All of them have excellent gameplay. In addition, they offer different challenges that will keep you entertained. 

In spite of the different gameplay and challenges, these claw machines are pretty easy to play. You can try the practice games first if you want to get familiar with each of these machines before playing the real game. 

This claw machine app is only a mobile app. However, it has the ability to match the game quality of the real claw machines. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people in this country like this app.


4 Trends in Food and Beverage Service and Opportunities

Food and beverage service is part of the food and beverage industry that will always develop since people need food and beverage. 

Today, this industry is getting bigger but the trend is changing due to the pandemic that started a couple of years ago.

The Latest Food and Beverage Service Trend

The pandemic actually changed people, not only in the EMEA but also across the world. This also changed the trend of the F&B industry. 

Below are some new trends that emerged because of the pandemic and the opportunities opened because of it.

  • The new shopping habits

Since people have to stay at home, they start to shop their groceries, foods, and beverages online.

When the pandemic started to attack the world, the grocery stores and supermarkets providing F&B were even closed since the Governments required people to stay indoors.

People stopped leaving the house, visiting the packed supermarkets, eating out, and going to the F&B outlets. This doesn’t mean they can stop eating. 

The new normal style makes people turn to online grocery and it is a huge opportunity for online F&B service.

  • Brand new dining habits

When the pandemic started in early 2020, many eateries, cafes, bars, and restaurants were all forced to turn away their customers. 

But the warmer weather of Spring and the vaccines bring a new hope that the lockdown restriction will be eased.

Food delivery services and food aggregators started filling the gaps. The emerging and existing food delivery services in Europe mobilized in order to keep the customers connected with their F&B outlets. 

The new normal program must be used by the F&B industry to plan the new normal strategies as well.

  • Technology for better EMEA Food and Beverage service

Conventional shutdown means the technology must be used to fill the needs of the customers. This also means innovative alternatives for the long term are needed. 

The F & B industry can offer discounts, offers, payment functionality, and ordering functionality for some time.

Customers loved how they can use mobile solutions. They can do the check-ins, the order in an extremely easy way, and pay as easily. 

Customers can even choose to pay and tip using cash or use the cashless method. This is a great opportunity in the EMEA and other countries in the world for F&B Service.

  • Unique dining experience

Customers today still want to taste the unique dining experience. F&B still needs to be creative in providing a unique service. Preparing the best data strategy will create opportunities especially for hyper-personalization.

Custom-made preferences will contribute to the additional revenue streams. It will also get consumer loyalty.

F&B services can also invest in technologies that will enable cost-saving and efficient management tools. Technologies will develop innovation in service and product.

Key for Successful F&B Industry

The key to successful food and beverage service is learning the demand patterns as well as the customer preferences. 

Those things will give you a forward-looking perspective especially on how your F&B company or industry can grow better and bigger in the future, during and after the pandemic.