7 Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge at The Market

Thailand is one of the countries with many people use a private vehicles to mobilize themselves daily. The trend of an electric vehicles is starting, but Thailand electric vehicle challenge is inevitable. Here are some challenges that become the concerns of its growth.

7 Thailand Electric Vehicle Challenge


  • Material Cost

Although Thailand can produce electric vehicles, this country is not a producer of its raw materials. It needs imported materials, usually from Japan. The supply cost is high because of distribution too. The Thailand government, as a result, gives incentives to close this gap.

  • Less infrastructure

With the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle market, Thailand needs a solid infrastructure. It shouldn’t remain with what the country has now because the electric vehicle needs special facilities such as charging stations. This is the biggest challenge to distributing the use of electric vehicles.

  • Manufacturing system

The manufacturing system of EV in Thailand is not solid yet. The manufacturers are still relying on ICE production until now. It is not flexible, so the challenge is how to grow a solid manufacturing system that is less costly and less risky. This strategy might accelerate the growth of EV in Thailand.

  • Customer’s concern

Some customers have no idea about electric vehicles. They tend to choose non-electric because of the solid facilities in Thailand. With this concern, the manufacturers, as well as retailers, should educate the customers about the electric vehicle challenge. It will help the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle market.

  • Partnership

The gap in partnerships, especially among retailers, is still huge. The popularity of electric vehicles in Thailand is still less than other types of powertrains. This is why partnership with retailers has smaller opportunities. Yet, automakers should create effective commercials for this.

  • High cost

Electric vehicle in Thailand is still expensive compared to other powertrains. Though the hype is starting in this country, not many people do buy the vehicle. Charging the vehicle is still hard because of the fewer stations that will be found in the country.

  • Slow transition

The transition of this new trend is still slow. The Thailand government tries to accelerate the transition with huge incentives to the automakers and consumers. Hopefully, the adoption of electric vehicles will increase and more promising in the future.

The parties involved in the growth of electric vehicle challenge should prepare strategies. Thailand electric vehicle challenge will be easy to overcome if the consumers are aware of the benefits and the automakers can present the best commercial and produce with less cost and risk.

Claw Machine Game Online to Win Quintessential Toys

Japanese anime comes in so many genres. One unique Japanese anime you need to watch is The Quintessential Quintuplets. This anime is about five identical quintuplet sisters from a wealthy Nakano family. Interested in getting the plush toys of the quintuplet? Play the claw machine game online.

This online crane game allows you to get the plush toys of all quintuplet sisters. You need to keep playing until you get the plush toys you want. However, before playing the online crane game, you need to know what plush toys are provided by the game developer. Continue reading “Claw Machine Game Online to Win Quintessential Toys”

Pikachu Claw Machine with 3 Cool Prizes

The fans of Pokémon are scattered all around the globe. Those fans of Pokémon want to play something related to Pokémon. For those people, there is now available the Pikachu claw machine. This online game is similar to the classic crane game. you need to move the claw to get the prize you want.

Before playing, players are allowed to choose the prize they want. If you want Pikachu prizes, you need to choose the prize and then start playing the game. Though you have won a Pikachu prize from this game, don’t stop playing since there are many other prizes you can win from the game. 

Win Pikachu Face Cushion from The Crane Game

The first prize you can choose to win before playing the game is the fluffy cushion with a Pikachu face. This big-sized cushion will be a nice ornament for your bedroom. Place it on the bed that is surrounded by the other Pikachu stuff. Get the cushion only by playing the Pokémon claw machine game.

Pikachu is an electric Pokémon. This Pokémon will generate powerful electricity to protect itself. This Pokémon has cute red-colored cheek sacs that are super stretchy and extra soft. You’ll love this Pikachu face cushion.

Play Pikachu Claw Machine And Win Snack

The cushion isn’t the only prize you can get by playing the online crane game on your smartphone. Another prize you can win is the corn potage inside the Pikachu face-shaped snack. If you choose to win this snack, you will get a box of two Pikachu corn potages.

The expiry date of this snack is February 19, 2023. If you play the Pokémon claw machine game now and win the prize immediately, you will be able to taste the original Pikachu corn potage from Japan. Since this is an exclusive prize, there is no way to get this corn potage without playing the game.

Cute Pikachu Toy from Online Crane Game

Another Pikachu prize you can win by playing the online crane game is the Pikachu plush toy. Unlike the other two prizes above, this stuffed toy has not only the face of Pikachu but its whole body. The stuffed toy has Pikachu’s happy face and a huggable pose.

Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes

Interested in trying some snacks or foods from Japan? Then you may want to consider playing Japan claw machine app. This app allows you to play games and win unique things at once. Players of this claw machine game can get various types of prizes for free or at least by spending a dollar.

Claw machine japan

The online claw machine game is from Japan. So, everything you win will be shipped directly from Japan. What kind of prizes can you get from playing this online claw machine game? below are some examples of unique prizes you can get by winning this online game. Continue reading “Japan Claw Machine App and Its Unique Prizes”

Game Online with Real Prizes: A Perfect Game for Toy Collectors

The number of online game apps keeps growing year by year. Some game apps are entertaining, but they stop at that. However, one game app offers more than entertainment and its app users can’t stop playing them. What they love is the game online with real prizes.

When one hears about game apps with real prizes, he generally will think about prize money and gambling. However, this game is not like that. It is an online claw machine that offers various prizes, such as toys and merchandise.

What is the Name of the Game Online with Real Prizes?


The name of the game app with real prizes is Claw Plus & Claw Topia. It is an online yet real claw machine app. People consider this game a real online claw machine because it has real prizes. The game also brings the real experience of playing an arcade claw machine to gamers’ mobile phones.

This app is originally from Japan. However, it is now available in more than 60 countries in the world. The app works with international shipping companies so winners can ship their prizes easily to their addresses.

In addition, the app comes in two language options, i.e., English and Japanese. Therefore, gamers outside Japan will have no difficulties understanding the game instruction.

Who is Game Online with Real Prizes App for?

Everyone may play this app, but certain gamers will enjoy it more. This online game is ideal for gamers who love collecting merchandise of anime, Pokémon, and Disney/Pixar characters.

The anime prizes from this game are Dragon Ball merchandise, One Piece merchandise, and Kimetsu No Yaiba merchandise. All the prizes from this game are limited edition and licensed items that are not available in stores. Therefore, toy collectors value them highly.

Why Gamers Must Try Playing this Game

This online game has excellent features. It is why gamers must not miss playing this game. One of its best features is its wide selection of prizes. Most of them are expensive merchandise that gamers can get at only $1 if they are lucky. 

Another great thing about this game is that it is easy to play. Gamers must choose the prize and then control the claw machine to win it when they play this online game. Moreover, this game app also offers several types of claw machines to keep gamers entertained.

This game online with real prizes is an excellent app. The claw machines in this app are entertaining to play. Moreover, its valuable prizes make an excellent toy collection. Download Claw Plus & Claw Topia now and win those valuable prizes.

5 Figurine Prizes in Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine

Demon Slayer is an anime that is popular worldwide. The fans of the anime are all over the world and they are trying to collect as many as merchandise from Japan. There’s a simple way to collect them without going to Japan, as you need to play Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine.

It’s a simple game on your phone. There’s an app in PlayStore that the user has to download. After that, the user has to play the claw game to get the merchandise they want. There are several figurines that you’ll be able to get. Here are the most favorite ones!

Unique Figurines in Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine

  • SPM Figure Nezuko Kamado

This figure is the character of Nezuko Kamado and the most wanted from the claw machine. Hse wears pink kimono with black outer and long red-black hair. How to win this? Play the claw machine by spending $1 per play. This figurine is a limited edition from the Claw Plus.

  • Kimetsu no Yaiba Collectable Figure

There’s a set of figurines consisting of five main characters in the Demon Slayer team. The figurines are smaller than others, but they are all standing figurines. Play the Demon Slayer claw game to win this limited edition set and collect all of them in a single win.

  • Kizuna no Sou and Juu no Kata

These figurines are popular because they are the main characters in Kimetsu No Yaiba. Kizuna no Sou is wearing yukata and holding a sword. Meanwhile Juu no Kata is a standing figure with folding arms on the chest. He is wearing a cloak with a fire pattern on it.

  • Glitter and Glamours Nezuko Kamado

Another figurine of Nezuko Kamado is also available on this Demon Slayer claw game. However, the style of standing is different. The original price is also higher since the creator makes it glittery and it looks more glamourous. This figurine is a must-have if you love the character of Nezuko Kamado.

  • Zennitsu Agatsuma

The adorable character that comes into the figurine is Zennitsu Agatsuma. This figurine is more adorable because Agatsuma is bending his body a little. He wears a yellow outfit, the same color as his hair. Claw Plus makes it into a chibi character for his figurine.

Claim your prize when you win the Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine game. Getting the figurines themselves is hard since the available ones are limited edition. Unless you’re playing the claw machine game, you won’t be able to find that figurine on the market.

5 Pokemon Eco Bags from Playing Pokemon Claw Machine


Because of the Japan Claw Machine you can now play your favorite crane game at home and win the real prize. For Pokemon trainers who love collecting Pokemon stuff, there is a Pokemon claw machine that will give you the real Pokemon prizes to win. Continue reading “5 Pokemon Eco Bags from Playing Pokemon Claw Machine”

3 Cool Figures from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine

DBZ or Doragon Boru Zetto or Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime TV series. If you are following the story of Son Goku in defending the Earth against so many villains, you will enjoy playing the Dragon Ball Z claw machine. This crane game will give you cool figures of the characters of Dragon Ball Z. Continue reading “3 Cool Figures from Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine”

Play a Claw Machine Game with Real Prize of Your Choosing

Playing claw machines is fun. It is even more fun if the game with real prize allows you to choose the prize to win. With Clawtopia, you can get that and more. The app allows you to play claw machine games, win the prize of your choosing, and have it delivered to your door.

About the App


It is a new way to play claw machine games. Instead of having to be physically present in front of the claw machine, you play it remotely from your mobile phone. There are five types of claw machines on the app: Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, Hang & Hook & Shake, and Bounded Machine.

Besides these features, the app also allows you to practice playing any of these machines. Before you spend any money on it, you can hone your skills to increase your likelihood of winning the prize you want.

The claw machine app is available on Google Play and App Store. So regardless of the device you have, you can experience the thrill of playing a claw machine game.

How to Play the Game with Real Prize

Playing claw machines from the app is easy. You start by selecting the prize you want to win. There are various kinds of prizes to choose from. Don’t rush. Take your time and decide which prize you want to win. Play from your mobile phone, control the claw machine remotely and win the prize.

Winning the prize is not as easy as it sounds, of course. But you have unlimited opportunities to hone your skills for free. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t win your prize on your first attempt.

After you win your prize, the final step to take is to have it shipped to your door. The prize is shipped from Japan via DHL or EMS.

What Prizes Can You Win?

There are over 2,000 different prizes to win. From various merchandise of famous anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Pokemon, to a waterproof video camera with a standing arm, wireless earphone, and USB charging box. Not to mention the prizes are all uniquely Japanese, too.

24/7 Customer Satisfaction Team

The app also offers a 24/7 customer satisfaction team. If you need some help or facing a problem playing the game, you can contact them directly. The team will offer you a quick solution, including moving the prize so that it is easier for you to get.

Download the App Now

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, it is a good time to do so. Why? Because if you download it now, you can get 5 premium tickets. Using these tickets, you can play any machine for free.

That means if you win a prize with these tickets, you get it without spending any money. Give it a try and see if you can win a prize.

Playing a claw machine game with real prize is a lot more fun with the app. Not only can you win various prizes of your choosing, but you can do so remotely and have your prize delivered to you. Plus, you can hone your claw machine playing skills for free, too.

Feel Excitement in Playing the Best Claw Machine App

Once in a while, we need to play a game to relieve stress. Although the game you play sometimes can cause an adrenaline rush, it still makes you happy. You will feel more excited when you get something real from the online game. The best claw machine app allows you to have priceless gifts.

Probably some people only play claw machines directly in certain places. With the technology development, you can play claw machines online. It is not like other online games. The online claw machine app definitely gives you an actual prize if you can win. 

This Is How the Best Claw Machine App Works

With an online claw machine, you can move the claw virtually from your mobile phone. At a glance, there is no big difference between online and real crane machines. Most people surely prefer playing claw machines online to visiting public places providing those claw machines. 

Actually, the Japan claw machine app is already popular in several countries. The location of the claw machine center is in Japan. It doesn’t mean that you cannot play it overseas. Whenever you are, you still can play it. 

After you download the claw machine app, you will see several options of claw games. For a beginner, it is better to choose the easiest game so you can operate it well. Selecting the easiest claw game gives you a high chance to win. 

To win the game, you need to control the claw precisely from your mobile phone. Once you succeed in catching the prizes, the system will prompt you to fill up the form for delivering the prize. The duration for shipping depends on your location. 

Types of Items You Can Win


The biggest factor that allures people to play claw machine online is the valuable prizes displayed on the claw machine. Some of those items belong to exclusive stuff which you cannot find in any store. It makes sense that the feeling of getting the prize is like you just found a treasure. 

You cannot imagine how happy the players who finally can grab the prize in the first round. It is probably their luck or amazing skill in controlling the claw. The types of items that you can obtain from the claw machine app are various.

Examples of those prizes include waterproof video camera, wireless earphone, USB charger, plush toys, anime figurines, miniature toys, radio control car, snacks, cup noodles, and many more. Usually, different claw machine models display different types of prizes. 

Customer Support for the Claw Game

All types of online games surely have customer support to help players overcome the trouble. In case you face some issues while playing the claw machine game, you may contact the customer support directly via chat. They are available for twenty-four hours. 

Customer support representatives will gladly help you in solving the problem immediately. You can also ask any inquiry to them. For instance, you can inquire about any information related to the game mechanism, shipment process, etc. 

You will never feel the excitement of playing the best claw machine app if you haven’t downloaded it. Not only the unique prize, but also the challenge in operating the claw will get you addicted to play this game. You can play claw machine apps anytime and anywhere.