Play More, Live More with Anime Claw Machine Online

Attention, anime lovers! Japan Claw Machine (JCM) is calling you out, as it launched a claw machine app to give you the real experience of playing claw machines on your phone.

With their exclusive merchandising contracts with the best anime series of all time, JCM can produce collectible and special figures that cannot be purchased anywhere else. 

Ranging from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Dragon Ball, Ghibli, Love Live School Idea Project, One Piece, to Pokémon and many more to come.

kimetsu no yaiba

Here, you can find limited-edition figures such as characters-like cushions, dolls, key chains, purses, stuffed animals, toys, wallets, and other unique Japanese goods.

All these worthy items can be claimed for as low as $1 per game. Your opportunities abound as more items will be coming every month.

The JCM app is loved by many, as the app displays a user-friendly UI/UX design, making it easy to understand.

Even the newbies can enjoy the game due to the app’s unlimited and free practice plays. Through this practice play, players can try playing claw cranes on five different types of machines.

Moreover, the second you download the app, you will also get five premium tickets that allow you to play on any machine for free.

You can learn the how-to by playing on a bound machine, bridge style, hang and hook shake, treasure hunt, or ping pong ball machines. 

If you have never played claw machines, you can click on the app’s game instruction. Or, contact JCM’s customer satisfaction team to answer your app-related questions or to reposition the item.

Since they are available 24/7, you can reach out to them anytime you want, and they will respond right away. 

Start collecting your items by choosing your prize and moving your claw to get them.

The things that you have won will, later on, be delivered directly from Japan via DHL or EMS that ship to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

Don’t miss it. Download the app now on App Store or Google Play and create your anime world with JCM!

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