Thailand’s Journey in Creating a Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

Thailand Smart Healthcare1

Being 6th on the world rank of Health Care Index 2019, Thailand’s healthcare system holds the best reputation amongst other ASEAN countries.

The country is on the verge of shifting to the era of entirely digitized, seamless, and smart hospital systems following its outstanding hospital infrastructure, low cost, and government responsiveness. Continue reading “Thailand’s Journey in Creating a Smart Healthcare Ecosystem”

3 Awesome Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

Google Play Store and App Store are offering many games to download and play. But among those options, there is real prize claw machine app Canada.

This is an arcade game, inspired by the real crane game or claw machine game you can find in the amusement parks. Continue reading “3 Awesome Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada”

Developing EMEA Business Strategy Prior Entering the EMEA Market

Expanding a business in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) is not an easy task to do, especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a hard time for the EMEA economy. However, the difficulties in this business expansion can be tackled with the right EMEA business strategy.

How to Develop the Best EMEA Business Strategy

The pandemic may have affected the EMEA economy to a certain level. However, it didn’t close the doors for global business players to invest and expand their business in this region.

Due to the pandemic, new business trends have arisen and the demands for innovations and technologies increases.

To grasp the new opportunities presented in this difficult time, business players need to prepare the best business strategy in EMEA. This strategy can be created by performing these steps.

Setting the Business Goals 

In order to succeed in EMEA, business players need to set their business goals in entering the EMEA market.

It is common for them to aim for increasing the numbers of customers, market shares, and profits, but these goals must be realistic and relevant to the business.

Study the Trends and the New Markets

Studying the trends and the new markets is necessary for business players who want to enter the EMEA markets.

Knowing the trends and the new markets allows them to create the right strategies in developing and promoting their products and services. 

Since EMEA covers a large region with numerous countries, it is essential for them to decide the countries they want to enter beforehand. Therefore, they will get reliable and suitable data needed to create the strategy.

Study the Competition

Winning a business competition in a new market can be quite challenging. To minimize the challenge, you need to create the best competitive strategy based on the data related to the market competition. 

Therefore, it is essential for business players to study the market competition in EMEA in order to develop the right business strategy prior to entering the region.

Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses

Business players need to assess their strengths and weaknesses when developing a business strategy.

Knowing these two aspects will allow them to create strategies to alleviate their weaknesses so that they have more chances to succeed in expanding the business.

The Importance of Market Consultant Assistance in Developing a Business Strategy


Many companies and business players hire a market consultant in developing their business strategy. A market consultant plays important roles in this development because he can make this process easier to do. 

In addition, a market consultant of EMEA knows everything about the market condition, trends, opportunities, competitions, and customers in this region.

Therefore, they are able to provide valid data needed to develop the right business strategy prior entering the EMEA.

A market consultant will help international business players to be connected with the right partners. As a result, they will be able to develop a good partnership with the local partners, distributors, and investors.

EMEA consists of a number of countries with different cultures, ethnics, and political and economic conditions.

Therefore, the EMEA business strategy must be created specifically in order to bring the best advantage to the business players who need to enter the market of a specific EMEA country.

China Robotics: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Becomes an Accelerator of Change

Before the pandemic, the growth of China’s robotics industry is slow. However, the situation changed when the global coronavirus pandemic hit. For some, the pandemic is seen as an accelerator of change as the demand for robotics equipment is increasing.

Industries Affected by the Pandemic

How the pandemic affects is different from one to another. For example, the manufacturing industry is disrupted by a labor shortage caused by a lockdown. This, in turn, negatively affects production. 

Meanwhile, the healthcare industry is affected by the shortage of frontline medical staff as well as the risk of infection. Due to the pandemic, medical professionals were overwhelmed by the influx of COVID-19 patients.

The situation is quite different in the hospitality industry. This industry is disrupted by the limited sales caused by the lockdown ad travel restrictions.

China’s Robotic Industry: Robotics Solutions

China's Robotic Industry: Robotics Solutions

Manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitalities are disrupted in different ways. Different issues require different solutions. 

To name a few, the issue of labor shortage in the manufacturing industry can be solved by employing industrial robots. The increased use of automation and AI can restore production in the factories.

In the healthcare industry, the shortage of frontline medical staff and the risk of infection can be managed by using service robots. Service robots can be used to deliver and monitor, patrol, and disinfection. This alleviates the pressure on the medical staff.

Similar to the healthcare industry, the hospitality industry can also benefit from using service robots. Unlike in the healthcare industry, however, service robots are used to capturing the rebounding demand of tourism as well as minimizing the costs.

Benefits of China Robotics Solutions

Robotic solutions bring different long-term benefits to different industries. For example, the manufacturing industries will benefit from lowered costs and higher productivity in the long run. The industry can produce a larger capacity while its manpower is utilized to drive sales.

The long-term benefits for the healthcare industry include complementing the labor shortage and lower infection risks. There is a shortage of the medical workforce in China. The use of robotics solutions can help to complement it.

As for the hospitality industry, it can benefit from improved efficiency, better customer experience, and lower infection risks. The robotics solutions provide a safer feeling and a sense of novelty for the customers.

Future Trend

Robotics solutions can lead to future trends in each industry. For example, 


In the manufacturing industry, the future trend will be collaborative robots where robots are used as a service. Robots will work with humans in industry 4.0.


In the healthcare industry, there will be cheaper robots. China’s healthcare system for the most part relies on foreign robotic products. Soon, it will change as home-grown players will enter the market, lower the price, and increase competition.


In the hospitality industry, there will be robotic concierge and waiters. Robots will be used to handle repetitive tasks. High-quality service robots will become more available at a reasonable price. 

The coronavirus pandemic disrupts China’s robotics industry. The disruption, however, is not all negative. Although the pandemic initially did slow down the industry, some consider it an accelerator of change as it increases the growth of the industry in the long-term.

Play More, Live More with Anime Claw Machine Online

Attention, anime lovers! Japan Claw Machine (JCM) is calling you out, as it launched a claw machine app to give you the real experience of playing claw machines on your phone.

With their exclusive merchandising contracts with the best anime series of all time, JCM can produce collectible and special figures that cannot be purchased anywhere else. 

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kimetsu no yaiba

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The JCM app is loved by many, as the app displays a user-friendly UI/UX design, making it easy to understand.

Even the newbies can enjoy the game due to the app’s unlimited and free practice plays. Through this practice play, players can try playing claw cranes on five different types of machines.

Moreover, the second you download the app, you will also get five premium tickets that allow you to play on any machine for free.

You can learn the how-to by playing on a bound machine, bridge style, hang and hook shake, treasure hunt, or ping pong ball machines. 

If you have never played claw machines, you can click on the app’s game instruction. Or, contact JCM’s customer satisfaction team to answer your app-related questions or to reposition the item.

Since they are available 24/7, you can reach out to them anytime you want, and they will respond right away. 

Start collecting your items by choosing your prize and moving your claw to get them.

The things that you have won will, later on, be delivered directly from Japan via DHL or EMS that ship to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

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Understanding UAE Business Culture: a Key to Reach Success in Doing Business in UAE

The business culture in one country is different from that in another country. UAE business culture, for example, is unique because 80% of the residents are expatriates, but the country complies with Islamic or sharia laws. Therefore, business activities and their legality revolve around Islamic principles.

Foreign business owners and investors who want to enter the UAE market need to understand the business etiquette in this country.

Understanding and complying with this business culture is one of the key successes in doing business in the UAE.

Key Points in UAE Business Culture

There are hundreds of thousands of registered businesses in the United Arab Emirates and many of them have foreign investors and owners.

All of the business players in this country follow the business culture that centers on respect, discourage corporate crimes, and promote women in the workplace.

These are some key points of business culture in the UAE.

Key Points in UAE Business Culture

  • Working Days and Dress Code

The working days in UAE are different from the working days in Western Countries.

The working week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday, while the weekend is on Friday and Saturday. Employees usually wear a suit for men and women wear modest business attire.

  • Networking

Most Emiratis tend to build informal relationships before having a business relationship with others.

Therefore, new business players must socialize more and have informal relationships with Emiratis before talking about businesses. 

To build a good network, business owners and investors may contact OMIS, join a ‘majlis’ held by big businessmen in UAE, or attend regional trade shows.

  • Greeting People

Social status and respect are highly valued in UAE. Therefore, business players must address others by their appropriate title, such as said (Mr), Sayeda (Mrs), sheikh (chief), sheikha (female chief). 

The greeting is followed by a light handshake and then touching the hand to the heart. Men and women usually do not shake hands, except the woman is holding out a hand.

  • Business Cards

It is recommended to have simple white business cards with one side written in Arabic and the other in English.

The business cards must be handed with the right hand, handing them with the left hand is considered to be disrespectful.

  • Meeting and Negotiating

Business players must arrive on time in a meeting, but they must not talk about the business directly.

Most Emiratis love to talk about their family and other things before starting the meetings. In addition, meetings must be scheduled properly because Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Business Consultation on UAE Business Etiquette

New investors or business owners from outside UAE will need assistance to understand more about the UAE business culture.

To have a better understanding of this culture, they may contact UAE Business Consulting Company.

This company will not only help its clients to comply with the business etiquette in this country, but it also offers market consultation service. 

New investors and companies who plan to enter the UAE markets will be provided with market insights, strategic recommendations, and other data needed to expand their business in this country.

The business culture in UAE is not the same as the western business culture. To avoid a culture shock, foreign business owners and investors need aid from a business consulting company that will provide all the information related to the culture to them.

Digitalizing B2B Sales in Southeast Asia

The ongoing pandemic has impacted several regions’ businesses, resulting in new business activities, from conventional sales methods to online sales.

With its tech-savvy and young population, Southeast Asia is presented with a vast opportunity to adapt to the digital shift to sustain its high-demanded B2B businesses.  Continue reading “Digitalizing B2B Sales in Southeast Asia”

Opportunities to Support Assisted Communal Living for Singaporean Elderly

The government of Singapore has made a concerted effort to invest in the creation of new models of eldercare, shifting from the traditional homecare. The newest model of assisted communal living is gaining prominence in Singapore, allowing seniors to maintain their independence while at the same time ensuring that help is at hand if needed. Continue reading “Opportunities to Support Assisted Communal Living for Singaporean Elderly”

Why Mobility Consulting Is Important?

People’s mobility is getting higher from time to time. Those living in outskirts area decide to move to the cities for a better life. Companies relocate their employees for job reason. In fact, this phenomenon can trigger a new problem—congested and polluted cities. It becomes a challenge for mobility consultants to handle the relocation and coordination. But what is actually mobility consulting? Continue reading “Why Mobility Consulting Is Important?”