New Prospect to Your Business with Retail Consulting

Most of the Retail business has specific challenges in market with larger technological advancement in business. Most people will consider the use of technology to provide better details for every specific challenge. Moreover, to know about the E-commerce emerging era with bigger customer demand. Retail consulting can be the best solutions once you want to build better prospect to your business. 

Start the New Journey with E-Commerce Consulting

In fact, Retail business required you to adapt with the new technological innovation in business. Which to involve in the e-commerce competition. Everything will be easier with the use of technology in business. Customer engagement would be beneficial once you are applying specific technology in retail business. You can consult about specific details that would be beneficial to bring better customer trust.

At least, every consulting firm can understand if the use of technology will have specific impact to your business. Today, people tend to introduce their business using technological advancement. Including to create the best company profile that can be the best portfolio to provide. Make sure if there is a target that you want to achieve once you creating the profile. 

Fortunately, with better transparency about your business will create higher value to your company. There will be a lot of people trust and would like to invest to your business. Find more investor is one of the essential factors to your business strategy. Sometimes, you need to cooperate with other company that can work with your vision once you want to have a lot of customer comes to your business. 

Deciding the Best Retail Market Strategy 

Once you want to use retail consulting company to help your business, make sure if you can find them based on the region. At least, there must be different region that would have specific challenges to your business. Especially, if your company already have a lot of branch worldwide. It is a solution to make sure if you can survive in every market challenge including from your competitor. 

For example, you are using an Asia supply chain consulting that can help you to know, if there is a better transport or storage details that you can use for better market. Sometimes, you need to make sure if all of the mobility can be useful and able to provide you better progress. There is a specific challenge that you need to control once you want to understand about the supply chain. 

How to Find the Best Asia Retail Consulting?

Before you decide to work with one of the consulting company, you need to make sure if they can really help you to survive. For example, you need to look for the customer review that every company would have to provide. There is also work experience that you can consider as one of the best data to make sure about their professionality. 

Think about the strategy that you can apply to your business can give an impact to your market situation. There is a lot of obstacle that you need to face once you want to have better progress in market. Every market strategy can be discussed with retail consulting as one of the services that you can have. Make sure if you can add other equipment that can bring better readiness to compete. 


Singapore Management Consulting Guides to Improve Singaporean Organizations

Age is the defining factor in Singapore. Managers in Singapore usually are older people who are identical with wisdom. People love older managers instead of young ones since they believe dealing with older managers is way more comfortable since they are wiser. Singapore management consulting usually finds more problems when helping young managers.

Unlike the management system in some developing countries in Asia, managers in Singapore delegate the decisions to the teams. Managers are expecting that decisions will be respected by the entire teams.

Unfortunately, unlike the developing countries’ management systems, employees in Singapore don’t have an allergy of debate. But any dissension usually is aired in a private manner and not in open meeting.

However, the management system in Singapore and other countries in Asia have some similarities. For example, managers in Singapore are also expecting obedience and respect from their subordinates. To gain the obedience and respect those managers are willing to show holistic interest through the team. No wonder that you will also find paternalism in Singapore management system.

Improving Singapore Management with the Right Steps

Compared to other countries in Asia, the Singapore management system is most heavily influenced by the western system. So actually Singapore management consulting can use some western methods to help Singaporean improving their organizations. More guides below will lead management consulting to direct Singapore organizations in a better way.

Categorizing the organization

Since Singapore has a mix of ethnic Indians, Malays, Chinese, and also global expatriates, management consulting must use the right method to help different company. This can be complicated so management consulting must be really careful not to use Chinese approach when helping Malays oriented company.

Expressing disagreement

Since Singaporean doesn’t display disagreement in open meeting, it is crucial not to debate in public. All debates must be expressed in private.

Providing the right consultant

To show respect to senior people, Singapore management consulting must not expect the junior or younger consultant to help senior managers, no matter how experienced they are.

Safeguarding the managers’ face

In Singapore relationship is the key. Relationship will be extremely difficult once people – managers in this case – lost face. Make sure your management consulting doesn’t embarrass any manager in your deal with.

Understanding the language

Since coded and diplomatic language is usual in Singapore, management consulting must remember that anything manager said isn’t what he necessarily meant. Management consulting must look for meaning beneath actual words to understand and give the right help.

Challenges of Garment Industrial in the Future

The raising fashion industry increases the demand for garments. Fashion trends that keep changing give a major contribution to the development of the garment industry not only in Asia but around the globe. But the factory owners should realize the future challenge of this industry such as the increase of industrial sewing machine price, or the increase of labor cost.

Knowing the potential challenges is important so the owners can make strategic plans and take actions to anticipate the obstacles. It is also essential to strive in the industry with strict competitions. Figure out five most potential obstacles and challenges in the garment industry below!

Future Obstacles of Apparel Industry

The potential obstacles encountered by each garment manufacturer may vary depending on the market and scale. The following challenges are made to be general, allowing you to see from a broader point of view. Here are several obstacles of garment industry you may encounter in the future:

Increasing utility cost

The price of an industrial sewing machine and other utility is increasing. For small industries, this becomes a major obstacle as their revenues might be insufficient to cover the costs. In addition to the sewing machine, the cost of electricity, water, and steam should be taken into account.

Higher demand for special products

Manufacturers that export their products to the US or Europe must encounter a greater challenge. The fact that they live a higher living standard, the consumers require products with higher quality standards. The demand for specialized apparel is also higher compared to developed countries in Asia. In addition to the quality, the brand name is also necessary to attract consumers’ attention.

Increasing labor cost

Utility cost is not the only obstacle for the garment industry. Sewing machine operators demand a higher wage which can add financial burden to the factory. This challenge is inevitable and this happens throughout the world, mostly in China and India. Some large manufacturers decide to open factories in countries with lower labor costs to reduce the burden.

Strict competition

The rising fashion industry seems promising for some people. They start to develop another sewing industry with their own strategy. This, of course, develops a strict competition among manufacturers. As with other competitions, the stronger will be the winner. The owners must be able to strive for the competition by doing innovation, analyzing the market, and using attractive marketing strategies.

Economic instability

Economic instability is among the main obstacles not only for the sewing industry but also for other sectors. The world economy and region economy take a major contribution to provide a friendly climate for the entrepreneurs to run the business. Garment factory owners must be able to read the situation to minimize the loss caused by economic and political instability.

Running a business in the garment industry is not without challenge, despite the raising fashion trend around the globe. The brand’s owners should know the potential obstacles that are possibly encountered by the factory, helping them take the right action and develop strategic plans to strive in the business. The obstacles vary, ranging from utility cost to economic instability.

The Services and Stategies of Manufacturing Consulting Myanmar

Manufacturing strategy consulting Myanmar in general is a service that give many suggestions to company management in order to have a new strategy to develop their company. The suggested strategy will generate many benefits for the future of the company.

Services of manufacturing strategy consulting Myanmar assisted in assisting the company will view staffing recruitment. As a professional strategy consultant, they will choose the best graduates from a superior university that can be appointed as an employee. Continue reading “The Services and Stategies of Manufacturing Consulting Myanmar”

This is the Strategic Action Taken By Market Research In Abu Dhabi

Market research Abu Dhabi has stages in performing strategic actions according to standard. At that stage they will point out the framework to facilitate the research. From the results of research will be obtained a hope. Hope to create brand in case of decrease with lot of new competitors.

Identifying the problems to be studied is the objective of the market research Abu Dhabi service designated by the merk owner. Some things that need to be done on the riset is at the time of determining the problem to be studied. There are many ways to do that. Continue reading “This is the Strategic Action Taken By Market Research In Abu Dhabi”

The Areas Of The Management Consulting In Saudi

Saudi management consulting has a function to solve complex problems, get the available strategies and improve the financial of the business. It will help the business and all the things happened in the industry. There are many areas of the management consulting in Saudi such as strategic planning, business management, strategic marketing and IT management.

The company of the management consultancy can help your business to grow up and ensure by applying the good integrated business solutions. Each management consultancy has aimed to be trusted partner in Saudi. Continue reading “The Areas Of The Management Consulting In Saudi”

Reasons and Ideas of Independent Asia Management Consulting Establishment

Management consultant is highly needed in Asia. There was a survey done in Singapore which involved 165 professionals in HR. Fifty percent of those professionals believe that the weakness of HR is at analytics use. And sixty percent of the 165 participants believe that succession planning is another weakness and another reason Asia management consulting is necessary.

There were few reasons underlying those survey participants’ perceptions. But the biggest reason is a view around the system of management that’s not capable to motivate employees. Forty percent of managers in Hong Kong have the same perceptions based on similar reason as thirty six percent managers surveyed in Singapore. Continue reading “Reasons and Ideas of Independent Asia Management Consulting Establishment”

Are Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Effective in Jordan?

Among several industry sectors in Jordan, the pharmaceutical industry is amongst the biggest. Market research Jordan indicates that pharmaceutical industry places the third rank of the export industry in Jordan. Despite this fact, strict competition among the pharmaceutical company is inevitable. Thus, it is considered important to figure out whether company marketing is effective in improving product sales of each company. Continue reading “Are Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Effective in Jordan?”

Market Research Dubai: Crisis Looms

For decades, Dubai has been known as a rich country in the United Arab Emirates. It has undergone rapid changes with massive infrastructure development, making it a gulf nation with huge number of skyscrapers and towers. However, what is happening today seems to reveal the real face of Dubai. At least this is what’s shown by market research Dubai. Continue reading “Market Research Dubai: Crisis Looms”

Hong Kong Falls Behind in E-commerce Space

As one of the fastest growing country in Asia and the 7th largest trading economy, Hong Kong yet falls behind in the development of a digital marketplace despite its tech-savvy and connected population, high smartphone penetration rate (73.73%) and internet penetration rate (87%). The city has a staggering 5 million active participants in digital commerce, which is set to acquire another one million active users by 2021. Even then, Hong Kong’s position in the Global Innovation Benchmark has fallen behind other countries, such as Singapore and South Korea, due to several factors, including high cost of customer acquisition and its relatively small market size.

ecommerce hongkong
Source: pixabay

According to our latest report, “Top E-commerce Cities in Asia”, Hong Kong is one of the top e-commerce cities in Asia, along with other cities, such as Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, and many more, The report points out the  significance of e-commerce landscape in Asia and its abrupt adaptation to global trends. The report defines “e-commerce city” as an urban city with interconnected infrastructure that makes up an e-commerce ecosystem that helps it to flourish.

Little incentive from the incumbent conglomerates also hinders the development of digital commerce. Moreover, e-commerce players in Hong Kong also face problems when it comes to home delivery service, as the working hour in the city is relatively long. To add to that, convenience-store pickup point model is also not the most feasible alternate option either due to space scarcity in Hong Kong. With a cultural preference by consumers towards e-commerce, this has led to slower digital adoption by small and medium-sized local businesses. However, this has urged smaller and traditional retailers to explore novel means to revamp their e-commerce strategy.

Characterized by low taxation and minimal government intervention, Hong Kong is the first entry point of a large fraction of foreign investment entering the region, spurring the unprecedented growth in various industries. As the property and stock market began to cool off, modernization of traditional commerce has been gamering attention from both industry players and the general public in Hong Kong. The e-commerce sales in the city will continue to represent a healthy portion of total retail spending, with electronics and media currently the leading product category, followed by fashion.

The e-commerce industry has perceived exponential growth around the world, with an astounding USD 2.86 trillion achievement in 2018 which is estimated to grow further to USD 6 trillion in 2022. Notably the Asia Pacific region market that had a 35% economic growth rate in 2018 with USD 1.8 trillion retail e-commerce sales, setting the region as a clear leader in achieving one-fourth of global e-commerce share by 2023.

The report also recommend a framework for Hong Kong and other global cities to improve their e-commerce ecosystem, providing 5 key building blocks, such as: stable and predictable regulatory environments; adequate talent; market readiness and robust infrastructure; funding to scale up the business, and global culture to empower innovative ideas, for startup ecosystem in the cities to reach its full potential.

Download the full report on E-Commerce Cities in Asia.